Crown Princess Maxima's Daytime Fashion Part 3: July - December 2009

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Crown Princess Maxima's Fashion & Style Part 3
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I love CL shoes but I'm not fond of the grey ones.
i must say what impress me about the recyling that for example the white suit that she use for the baptisim of her first daughyer in 2004 she re-use it in 2009 , after 3 pregnancies she kept her shape very well to re-sue this clothes and white which is not an easy colour to use if you are a little overweight, she looks great! good for her!
I like so much ,the pink outfit with the pink hat ,she wore in Buenos Aires ,in 2006.:flowers:
Maxima looks so good in this color blue. I hope her stylist reads this.;)

Just imagine this color(not the style or fabric) in a day dress like the one she wore to Alexia's first day of school or an evening dress with the Dutch sapphires. WOW!:D
I have to agree, the blue is great, especially nice as a change.
Nice outfit for a photosession on the beach, there cant be many people who have to dress for that!
I like her earrings a lot.
I agree with everyone else. The blouse is very nice. The shade of blue looks really pretty on Maxima, and it really stands out against the beach and when she is standing next to her daughters in white.
yes, they look very nice! i think they like to be casual for all the photos sessions! like they want to look like the rest of us! the shade of the blue very nice on her, she looks great1
Maximas outfit was pretty also like how casual it was for a photoshoot. The blouse with small print was qute cute since the print wasnt big or in your face.
You are quite right dazzling. Maxima's outfit was perfect for the photo shoot she looked beautiful. :flowers:
:previous: and the makeup was good, see 2nd picture use of blusher/bronzer, not too much and applied well.
It is sheer, but she has worn a little camisole underneath, so it covers what it needs to cover. Actually, the little white camisole looks great, especially since the girls are in a top that is cut in a similar style. Her makeup is also really soft and natural-looking. She looked perfect for this location.
Don´t know whether this is the right place to post but I wonder how long you can lighten or bleach dark hair on and on since I believe that Maxima is naturally very dark-haired. Wonder if she one day will show her natural hair colour again.
I hope so! The blond hair is starting to looks a bit fake on her.
I feel you have to blame her hair stylist. A good one knows how to maintain blonde, keep the hair healthy and still give it some natural likeness. Just look at PMaxima's hair early on. Much better. IMO of course. :) But... I have to say I still love it!! It fits her!!
Sorry,but I can´t see the photo...
Thanks,she looks very nice in blue:flowers:
She does look like a catalog model in this photo! I almost expect to see a listing of the sizes that are available in this outfit :lol:

It is a very lovely photo, though.
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