Crown Princess Mary's Daytime Fashion Part 21: August 2013 - January 2014

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Really don't like the lace underneath but love the suit ...
That blouse always seems to make a strange appearance. I love this suit. The color is so pretty and I love her diamond brooch and earrings.
I agree the whole look does not work for Mary on this occasion. That said, credit to her for trying to work with what is in the wardrobe and mixing things up a bit.
I'm obviously in the minority but I think that Mary looks stunning and love the interest that the lace brings to the suit.
You are not in the minority...I love the look as well. It saves the whole outfit from being a boring red wine suit!
I love the red dress, shoes, and hat. However the lace top is awful with it in my opinion.
Love the suit, but agree that the lace is just too delicate. She accessorized it beautifully with the smart hat, bag, and leather gloves. Love her hair.
The suit is beautiful, but not the lace top.
The only downside is the lace top. It doesn't appear to go with the rest of the look. Everything else is spot on.
Mary @ Global Poverty Festival in New York

Pretty blouse in autumn colours, black pants & strange butterfly necklace, really ugly
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Good look for the festival. Not liking the weird necklace.


Mary elegant with a dress and jacket at the opening of the Hospital+Innovation Congress in Odense today, September 30:

** Full view ** Upper part ** Close up **

Professional and elegant, but boring.

Opening of Parliament

I like the hat, love the suit but the lace top underneath is a complete mismatch for me. Lace & thick fabric doesnt work together at all.

The suit is nice and very elegant, but the lace thingy looks odd with it. Although I get she wanted to cover the neckline which, in case without the lace, would have been too open for the occasion.
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The suit was very nice but she chose the wrong top and the wrong hat.
I liked Mary's Odense outfit . . .

BUT . . .

I DO agree with the mostly general consensus that the lace top underneath the wine-colored suit top didn't click, for me. Pretty lace top, it just doesn't work well underneath that particular suit jacket, I think.

I've always LOVED the hat! Whenever she wears it, it suits her, and she wears it WELL!
Opening of parliament - Lovely suit and a lovely lace top but combined together it just didn't look right.
Lovely yes but the top...I don't think is suits at all...
i am crazy with marys style and today is no exception.. chic and still elegant and simple. especially like the second outfit, love the jacket and the way the belt makes it look chic. simple black pants always looks good on mary. yet, her best accessories is her fantastic smile ;-)
Mary looks fantastic. The outfits are professional, yet comfortable (the latter an essential when meeting and greeting little ones).
I can't quite figure out how many tops she has on under her jacket but, never mind. She still looks so pretty!
Mary looks fabulous. I love the coat (and yes, her figure is great, especially after having four children).
Mary strikes AGAIN!
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Love the H&M jacket, I will have to try to buy one for me....
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