Crown Princess Mary's Daytime Fashion Part 15: January 2012 - March 2012

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. . . . Second reason, is she maybe unbeknowst to her, adopting some of her husband's eccentricity regarding clothes and really not caring what others think and just being comfortable in her own skin...
If she is indeed acquiring some of Frederik's sang froid when it comes to dressing, then good for her. I love that he feels comfortable being himself. Perhaps that is part of his attraction, he doesn't sweat the small stuff! :lol:
So CP Mary has two pair of two-toned Prada high-heels :)

black/beige and black/grey
If you are referring to my post, there was no need for support.
I was genuinely asking what you mean. What the "questionable" and "eccentric" was about todays outfits?!
I have always thought it's Prince Joachim who has taken after his father ;), not Frederik. He might not always look as dapper as Joachim, but eccentric...
I understood what you were asking, I cannot speak for anna but I assumed the "eccentric" choices Mary made in this case would be to pair the black with the beige in the first outfit, an unsusual, and it seems, on this thread, un popular choice.
They used to call the two-toned shoe design "spectator" shoes, a fashion popular from the 20s and 30s. I don't think the term is so current today.
Even though she seems to be intentionally keeping the palette neutral, those are some sparkles in that gray coat, love it!
Really love the gray hat, thanks for the close ups.
Think Mary got her look at the city hall today totally spot on - understated, elegant and respectful
Grey and tan outfit is nice but the shiney boots look strange.

Crown Princess Mary at a meeting with the State Council at Christiansborg Palace today,
wearing a coat with fur and a lovely red dress:

** With a coat ** Full view red dress **
I love the color of the fur - looks good on her.
Lets hope that fur is SYNTHETIC and what about the shoes, they look white with just a black tip, that is a fashion no, no.
Love the coat & dress but I think the black hose & choice of shoes is all wrong.
Nice red dress but the hosiery with the bi-colored shoes is too dark. The fur collar/scarf on her coat is lovely and I like the beige accessories.
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Loved the red dress, but that blue hat looks weird at church service with suit and black stockings. Maybe I'm not seeing a good picture yet

Crown Princess Mary at a meeting with the State Council at Christiansborg Palace today,
wearing a coat with fur and a lovely red dress:

** With a coat ** Full view red dress **

WOW! Gorgeous coat and fur, and the dress underneath is very pretty.

I like the two toned shoes in gray and black, but really didn't care for them in beige and black. (love the look on her face as she looks at the Queen in the full view shot0
Love the coat and the red dress. I do like the two toned shoes but not here, they throw off the whole outfit for me. I also think nude hose & black shoes would have been better here, IMO.:)
I think I'd mind the shoes less if it weren't for the dark hosiery. But I do like the dark blue hat and coat pattern.
No, the shoes weren't good with the rest (it's not her engagement shoes, is it?).
I like the coat - and particularly the hat. The colour of the hat was really great when seen on TV.
Elegant outfits - but why the navy hat with the black tights combo doesnt work

The shows are the ones she had worn many times and were first seen at her engagement day - always loved them but not with black tights better worn with nude
I like the red dress though I don't think the shoes go with it.
I think the fur collar looks very chic. I like the coat and the dress (lovely shade of red on the latter), but don't care for the shoes.
I love the hat and coat. She looks great.
Not liking her daytime outfits of late, especially the one with the fur and the red dress/dark hose :ermm:

I love the two-toned shoes, though she probably shouldn't be wearing them all during one or two weeks, it gets a little boring.
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