Crown Princess Mary, Current Events Part 14: May 2018 - September 2021

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The annual Hubertus Hunts takes place today and Mary and her children are present, but Frederik is not.
At least Josephine has presented a trophy to one of the winners.

You can see photos in the above live link, that is being updated.


Vincent and Bella are not present, but Christian and Josephine are there.

There are some speculations as to why Frederik is not there, he has nothing else scheduled for today.
But perhaps he is with Vincent and Isabella?
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It's good to see that despite turning fourteen, Christian is a loving boy who is not ashamed of showing he is fond of mother.
And Josephine is fond of him as well.

And he is getting tall!

ADDED: From Billed Bladet:
Christian answered a question about how it had been. I have problems hearing what he replied, but he said something about it being exciting and a funny experience and he was (I think) impressed with the riders.
His voice is getting deeper.
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they definitely look like a loving family. cuddles between christian and josephine, between the kids and mary... they look quite united.

nice to see the kids handing out prizes and being introduced to their roles as members of the rf.
Indeed an official event for Mary, and how nice that she usually brings her family along. :flowers:

It's always a lovely event with cuddles galore. You can see the warmth in this family or maybe its to keep warm ?

and Mary shares some of her photos

great gallery. Christian is so sweet with Mary and Josephine Hunt Dyrehaven November 3rd, 2019

helping present an award

so much love
Some of my favorite photos from today:

Those kids really love their mother. Not many 14 years old boys dare to show how fond they are of their mother in full publicity, but Christian does. This are children who are dearly loved. No doubt Frederik and Mary are Crown Prince couple, but first and foremost father and mother.

Here a HUGE gallery Hunt Dyrehaven November 3rd, 2019

This photo is one of the best photos of royals I've seen.
Such a photo there says more than 1000 words.
There is one happy photographer behind, I'm sure.

It remind me of the one of Isabella kissing her father back in Greenland. A photo there says 1000 words too.
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Awwww.....thank you so much for all the adorable heart-warming photos!
There is so much love in the family. I remember taking note of how Christian and Bella looked out for Josephine and Vincent on their famous trip to Greenland. They were like mini mom and dad. It is so sweet to observe.

I hope as the kids grow older that it will continue to be that way. :)
There's no denying that there's a LOT of love in this family. There's so much hate towards the CP family on other boards, it makes me wonder sometimes if we're talking about the same family :huh:

I love this photo of Christian and Josephine:

And it seems like Josephine has taken over the position of family clown from her sister Isabella :D:
Such a beautiful picture of Mary and Christian, both in composition and emotion.
Do we know who the attractive looking woman who is meeting Mary is?
Thanks, Eya & Iceflower :flowers:

Mary visited Røddinge Højskole, which was the first of its kind in the world 175 years ago.
I'm not sure how to translate Højskole, perhaps after-school for adults is the best description I can come up with.

Back in the 1800's most people went to school for seven years and then out to work around age 14. That was still common until only three generations ago or so.
But just because you had a limited schooling it didn't mean you weren't intelligent or didn't wish to learn more. So the Højskole was set up, first mainly aimed at farmers and agricultural workers, who during a stay at a Højskole, lasting up to several months, they learned not just to improve their basic skills, but also learned about more general subjects like culture, art, general politics, debated current issues and so on.
It is not a high school, nor a higher preparatory exam, nor a kind of evening course where you learn say specific subjects mathematics. But more a kind of formative school for adults.

Anyway the Højskole became a huge success, and very much contributed to the high education level in DK compared to basically most other countries at the time. And also directly the reason for the literacy level in Denmark bu 1860 was the highest in the world, with Sweden (and Norway) right behind.
As such the idea spread beyond the borders and similar schools were set up in other countries, but AFAIK never to the same extent as in DK, where it to this day has remained a success. - Today people tend more to attend a Højskoe that suits their interests or share their outlook.

Today, but not so surprising, the Højskole is being exported to parts of Africa - and for the very same reasons as originally in Denmark - lifting peoples general educational level, being intellectually stimulating and encouraging debates about current issues. - Again, being a formative school for adults.
Today is nothing less than a historical day here in DK and for the DRF.

For the first time ever in Danish history a crown princess is a Rigsforstander.
And as such this flag, the Rigsforstander-flag, flew over Amalienborg:
(The flag to the far right in the second row.)

So this weekend Mary is acting head of state.

What does that mean?
Well, Mary is the one who must sign any laws passed by the Parliament in order to make them valid.
She is the commander-in-chief of the armed forces.
All authority by the state, municipalities, police and so on are carried out in her name.
Should the government decide to resign all of a sudden, it will be Mary who will formally dismiss the government and approve a general election to be held.
Should a minister decide to resign, it will be Mary who will accept the resignation and approve the appointment of a new one.
Should a foreign head of state for whatever reason decide to go to Denmark in some official capacity, it will Mary who will receive that person.

It is Mary who today (and she has) will get the daily briefing by QMII's cabinet-secretary.

Today Mary has signed two laws, making them valid.
Signed six regulations.
And approved the appointment of a head of a ministerial department. (A new Sir Humprey.)

And since she is head of state, it is Mary the officer of the watch has reported to when taking over the watch.
Traditionally the Rigsforstander will dine with the Officer of the watch, her adjutant and her LiW.
The officer of the watch will report to her about incidents, if any, that may have taken place.
And the colour of the Guards Regiment will be placed in M&F's mansion at Amalienborg.

It is historical, because no crown princess in Danish history has ever been acting head of state. All crown princesses in Danish history have been married to the heir. QMII was officially the Heir, never the crown princess.
The closets thing to Mary was Queen Margrethe I, who in the 1400's acted as Regent on behalf of her sons, and she was after all a full-blooded daughter of the Danish King Valdemar. - Mary is less blue-blooded...
All other Rigsforstandere in Danish history have been in the Line of Succession or as in the case with Queen Ingrid, a most respected queen-consort and majesty.
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Today is nothing less than a historical day here in DK and for the DRF.

For the first time ever in Danish history a crown princess is a Rigsforstander.

For the first time ever, yes..."Queen Mary of Denmark" ;) for 3 days.

And, the DRF ignores this completely. Not a word anywhere, not on social media. Nothing.
Well, at least the press is giving this a decent coverage. Both on prime time news and in the papers, here BT:

She signed two laws, as mentioned previously.
And approved (signed) six or seven regulations from Greenland (as I understand it, these are "laws" under the Greenlandic autonomous administration and as such only valid in Greenland, but not the rest of the Realm, so they are not called "laws" but regulations.)
She appointed one head of a department (ministry).
And honorably discharged two judges, who are bound for retirement.

Mary signs as:
'i dronningens navn Mary, kronprinsesse rigsforstander
"In the name of the Queen, Mary, Crown Princess, Rigsforstander."
(To that I can add that the place and date is also written. In this case: givet på Amalienborg, 6. december 2019 = "validated at Amalienborg, - so on, so on.")

The news on TV2 tonight mentioned that apart from Frederik, who automatically steps in as Regent according to the Constitution, when QMII leaves DK or is declared indisposed, (if he is in DK that is) there is no ranking among the approved Rigsforstandere. They are Joachim, Benedikte and Mary, but it is decided who will step in based on who is available. - In other words it's up to the Monarch to decide who steps in as Rigsforstander.

Mary has superseded PH. He long advocated for being king and as such having a title equal to his wife. But Mary has progressed above that. As Rigsforstander she is head of state - albeit temporarily.
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According to this news outlet Frederik is in Switzerland over the weekend to deal with preparations for the family stay next month.

"Today, history is written in the Danish royal house.Crown Princess Mary is making her debut as the head of state - a role she will have from today until December 8.

Crown Princess Mary takes over because Crown Prince Frederik has traveled to Switzerland to prepare for the family's planned stay in the country, where the children from the new year will be going to school for a few months."

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