Crown Princess Mary, Current Events Part 14: May 2018 - September 2021

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Jan 29, 2005

Welcome to Part 14 of the thread for Crown Princess Mary's current events!

You can find the old thread here:

** Crown Princess Mary, Current Events Part 13: August 2016 - May 2018 **

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Summary of article in Billed Bladet #19, 2018.
Written by our West Coast correspondent Ulrik Ulriksen.

For various reasons states like Oregon and Washington are not covered as well as California by the Scandinavian countries. So what to do?
Well, the university in Seattle offer a number of studies in Nordic languages and cultures, so how about opening a museum about the Nordic cultures, history and design and other things we want to sell you... I mean show you. :D
Culture is positive branding, positive branding is good for the export. That, cynically speaking, is the mindset behind the whole thing.
Which is also why Mary was seen mingling with various Danes who had success in USA on the cultural front. On such Dane was the author Sara Blædel, who has written a number of mystery novels that are selling like warm pastry in USA right now. - There is a saying in DK: Many little creeks a big river maketh - Sara Blædel is one such creek, Mary is another, albeit a somewhat bigger creek.

Mary started began and ended the day being very busy! She attended a conference at 09.45 in Copenhagen. Then flew to Seattle to attend a gala at 20.00 west coast time.

And Nordic Museum, well, this was very much with Denmark in the front seat.

600 guests were invited for the gala evening hosted by Denmark, with Mary in the center. She was also accompanied by the Danish Foreign Minister, but no one cares about him, not even in DK...
Here the American manager of the Museum, Eric Nelson, thanked Mary when she had given her speech. But the poor man was obviously nervous so he said: "Thank you to Your Majesty." - Then realizing that was incorrect, he added: "It's a bit difficult with the royal titles." Whereupon he again addressed Mary as "Your Majesty."
Not yet, Eric Nelson, not yet.

A number of Danish artists entertained and according to BB Mary left a very good impression with the locals and the local press.

But see for yourselves here: BB #19, 2018

I also included a scan of an article with the close friends of M&F; Otto and Helle Reedtz-Thott from Gavnø Manor, where Mary first stayed when she came to DK. - You can read more about the manor the general residence thread.

They are a bit late, but here they are ;)

** dailymail: Winning the style stakes! Crown Princess Mary looks radiant in a pleated skirt and designer heels at..**

This morning, May 16, Mary attended the Copenhagen Fashion Summit again and held a speech:

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 ** gettyimages gallery **

** Åbning af Copenhagen Fashion Summit **

** BB: VIDEO: Kronprinsesse Mary lyste op i flot forårslook **

And in the evening Mary attended a dinner in connection with the Copenhagen Fashion Summit:

** BB: VIDEO: Kronprinsesse Mary og Connie Nielsen strålede til modefest **

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A royal is not wearing the same as someone else present. - It's always the other way around. ;)
Can anyone point me the direction to find some HQ pictures of the dinner event on 16th?

Edited: I've found them, in the "Media Bank"
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Summary of article in Billed Bladet #20, 2018.
Written by Ulrik Ulriksen.

This covers the remaining parts of her visit to Seattle.

One of the items on the agenda was a gala dinner at Nordic Museum, where also the Icelandic President, Gudni Johanneson, was present.
Mary wore a dress by Preen, designed by Thornton Bregazzi. A so called Virginia dress.
In her ears she wore the earrings she had made for her wedding with Frederik. Designed by Marianne Dulong, they are in white-gold, with brilliants and with south sea pearls.
Mary gave an amusing speech for the assembly where she among other things talked about how difficult it is to learn Danish. - So "Good luck" with that!

Mary's appearance during this visit was in every way stylish and when the new museum was officially inaugurated, Mary wore a brooch, a Cartier armband, an Orit Elhanati necklace and Dulong earrings.
It was windy and the wind indeed play with Mary's hair.
And it was here Mary explained about the purpose of going to Seattle and what her particular role was:
"My role is to be a part of the team, that will provide knowledge and access to Danish art and culture. It's often me who gives a speech and speak with the press, but it's a team that is coming Denmark, in order to put Denmark on the map in USA and this time here out west.
I Seattle or in Washington State one in eight have Nordic roots, so there is a big interest in everything Nordic. That means there is a good foundation in order to promote what we are so good at in Denmark within art, cultural, design and architecture. So there is already a big interest in existence and with this new museum we get another better platform.
The Nordic Museum has been a very important institution in Seattle for 40 years and it's exciting to hear about how many people who actually originate from the Nordic countries in this state.
They are very proud of having these roots, so this museum in the new framework which is incredibly impressive and that is a little part of the North, is a place where the locals can come for educational purposes and also to satisfy their curiosity and acquire more knowledge about where they come from.
I think this contemporary exhibition is fascinating. There are some really exciting works here and there. I also think the Faeroese birds are hanging so fantastically well out in the fjord-like Grand Hall.
I had heard that the weather in Seattle is reminiscent of the Danish, but I didn't think it would be as windy here as back home."

But Mary also spoke about women's rights as well as promoting Danish businesses. USA has its fair share of diabetics and most, if not next to all, of them get their insulin from Novo Nordisk. So very naturally Novo Nordisk have a research center in Seattle, so that got a visit by Mary.
At the Washington University Mary gave a speech about economic sustainability for women, and here she made an entre with style! She was preceded by a fifer and a drummer from the Royal Lifeguard Regiment.
At her speech she basically explained that gender equality, with women having equal control of the economy in developing countries is good for business as well as women's rights, so that is worth supporting.

And for those who missed it, here is the link to this weeks issue of BB:
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HRH The Crown Princess participates in European Development Days in Brussels, Belgium.
European Development Days are held this year for the 12th time. The event is organized by the European Commission and expires over two days. This year's theme is "Women and Girls at the Forefront of Sustainable Development: protect, empower, invest

Yesterday, June 11, Crown Princess Mary together with former Secretary General of UN Ban Ki-moon attended meetings about the construction of UN Live, a future museum about the United Nations in Copenhagen:

** Pic ** kongehuset gallery **
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a gallery from the DRF
Overværelse af danske designskolers fælles show Future of Fashion | Kongehuset

a large gallery from today's events

"Mary visited Copenhagen Fashion Week meeting with designers and looking at stands at the Copenhagen International Fashion Fair with artist Olafur Elisasson and supermodel Naomi Campbell. After this HRH the Crown Princess attended the Future of Fashion show by Design School Kolding and The Royal Danish Academy of Art's Department for Design showcasing some of their greatest talents of the graduating classes. This year's focus of the show was innovation and technology in design."

with the winners
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She resembles her older sister, Patricia, more and more. - Which is perhaps hardly surprising.
How did she manage to squeeze in another unrelated engagement in the middle of a state visit?!

(No I know it's physically possible. Just an exclamation.)
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