Crown Princess Mary, Current Events 8: March 2007 - March 2008

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OH those are sweet pictures. Mary does interact very well with children. Love the pictures where she is with them at the tables.

Btw, has this have to do with the Anti-bully campaign ?
I don't like her hair! It has no style these days!She looks really happy amoung children
the hair looks different, i think she had a haircut and died it as well. there are some hints of red in it now... :)

what was the purpose of the visit? is it connected with her patronages or was the school celebrating an important milestone or...?
BT online has this article about the event Mary besøger skole på Nørrebro - Royalt and this link Mary gav penge til Nørrebros børn says that the occasion was that two schools in Copenhagen had donated a christening gift to princess Isabella of DKK 10,000 - and this money was then given to Rådmandsgades skole to be used for either school materials or new equipment for the school yard.

At Rådmandsgades school about 3 out of 4 pupils were born with another language than Danish - still the school has achieved better results from Danish reading than the national average -and the school was one of the recipients of a grant handed out some time ago by Mary.
Oh what sweet pictures :wub:
She interacts so well with kids. I loved her look today, as well - good outfit, lovely hair, and those earring are to die for.
I really like Mary alot, but I really wish that she would stop wearing pants to all of her events. She looks very casual. I want to see you dressed up a bit more. She looks so lovely when she is dress up more.
thanks so much for sharing the information about the visit. it shows behind the scenes that we don't hear about how Mary is trying to do her best as a patron to her organizations and the people of Denmark. its wonderful that it seems to be paying dividends to these children that could easily be left behind but now are doing better on tests than everybody. i'm very proud for their accomplishments and i'm sure they'll always remember this visit.
i'm not digging the hair much today, wish i could see the back, is it part pulled back and fluffed around her neck? or a ponytail gone bad? she looks pretty and always seems to enjoy children. not fond of the jacket, too "boxy" (on her it looks good, on most- bad) the top looks festive.
i think i'd wear pants to events i knew there'd be stooping or bending, last week when she wore a skirt and had to kneel on the ground could have been a "britney moment" in the video you can see the wrestle with the skirt and careful positioning in front of the cameras.
A couple of video clips from today's event at Rådmandsgades school. In the second link, towards the end, you can hear Mary speak. Also several new photos are available for your viewing pleasure.

Finally a video clip as well as photos (the last four or so) from United Nations World Declaration for Human Rights 60th year which was held after her visit to the school earlier this afternoon.
She changed her clothes, but the hair keeps the same...shame because I really think that kind of hairdo doesn't fit her at all!
Mary's outfit was quite interesting but I don't like her jacket - it was not good colour and maybe too formal and strict... But talking about her hairstyle I must say that it's very beautiful and something new is always good - it's just demand some accustom.
Love the new highlights in Mary's hair. I like this softer look on here. The jacket isn't so bad, although I would like to see it with a turtleneck and a pair of jeans and riding boots. That would be a better outfit.
i agree princess gertrude it would look fabulous. funny now that i've seen the back i like the hair better, yesterday it seemed flat and "undone" to me, maybe it was the bangs (tx word for fringe) that threw me. the worst part about bangs is growing them out, drives me nuts-
can anyone be so kind to tell us what mary is saying in the video clips- to the chidren at the table and by the stairs at the end of the last clip- thanks
i really like the black skirt with white piping, classic and professional- perfect thanks for all the links she had a busy day- good job
My point of view is that Princess Mary is a very active Princess, she is always visiting schools and other events regarding children, she donate money and she work hard to give Danish children a better place. I think that is what we can expect from a modern Princess!!!Good 2007 work Mary!
Her new hairstyle is great, it has taken quite a few years off her appearance.
She looks great. I'm glad to see that she is not stuck in a rut when it comes to her hair. I'm glad that she takes chances and they pay off. She has a wonderful head of hair and it seems to grow quick. Lucky her!:flowers:
Photo and article; One from Billed Bladet adn the other Se og Hoer.

Allegedly, Caroline and her husband, Ian Flemming, are separated months after their daughter's baptism. Guests included Marie and Joachim, Gustav and Carina, and Mary, Christian, and Frederik.
Oh thats sad news... Does Caroline live in London? and does the article/s mention how long she was in london for, one/two nights
I'm wondering how journalists get to know that Mary was going to London? Or wasn't it private visit?! Or maybe Mary herself is saying about some visits with hope that journalists leave her alone then....:ermm: has some good photos, i don't have a password to see them bigger but you can tell the 3 friends were out together, christmas shopping most likely.
Caroline is Mary's former LIW, am I righ:bang:t?
thanks a lot! I mixed up second names:)
Can we see some of those bigger photos here??? I would love to see Mary hanging out dressing informal!!!!!Thanks!
Was Marie with them??
I really don't like her hair pull back has she is wearing these last days!!!!
So what do they have to do with denmark???Aren't they English citizens?
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