Charlotte Casiraghi's Fashion and Style Part 4: April 2015 - April 2017

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Welcome to Part 4 of the thread for Charlotte Casiraghi's Fashion and Style!

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** Charlotte Casiraghi's Fashion and Style Part 3: March 2012 - April 2015 **

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Perfect dress for one young beautiful girl.
This dress is stunning! I love the print and the colors. She looks wonderful.
This is such a beautiful dress and she looks stunning. I can never get over how gorgeous she is!
She looks stunning. I love everything about the dress - colour, print, style.
I really like the dress, but not really for the Cannes Film Festival.
I'm not a fan of this dress, specially for Cannes.
I thought she looked amazing! Finalli a dress that I liked! Maybe too much bones on display? And I am not sure about her eyebrows...
I liked both outfits!
The dress is by Missoni, thought it was a bit too short but guess it's a perfect look for the event.
I like both outfits but would have preferred the Missoni just a couple of inches longer. I wish she would stand up straight.
June 26 : why jeans?

June 27: anfull :ohmy:
It looks like Charlotte is experimenting with her hair and makeup. Lighter hair and why in the world would she attempt to make her lower lip more full. It is not as if this girl has thin lips. She is so gorgeous and certainly can experiment but I don't think this look was the way to go.
Charlotte's latest outfit is nice but she looks far too casual for the event. She looks more like she's going on a shopping trip or as if she's at a day at the park rather than at a high profile show jumping event.

Her second outfit is alright, but not really to my taste. It has a bit of a 90's feel to me as well.
Well, i agree with those of you who say her dress although quite beautiful it's a little bit too short. The shoes are hideous...
The jeans outfit is ok, i suppose... maybe a little to casual for the occasion???
I think the colorful dress is awful.
Both outfits are pretty awful but that dress is hideous. Nothing good to say about that look.
I'm not a fan of either outfit. The first one is nice but way too casual for the ocasion. The second one is ugly: the shoes are awful and the dress is so short it does't suit her at all.
The little dress is way too short but I do love her style and the way she wears a scarf makes her the last word IMO ... bur here just average .. no scarf either
That print dress that Charlotte is wearing is one of the ugliest things ever.

The fact that it just barely covers her rear end is the least of it.:eek:
She rarely wears anything I find to be attractive.

I don't care much for the dress but sh managed to wear it well. I like her hair style and her overall look.
I don't like the collar but the dress is nice, though nothing special. Overall, she looks very elegant.
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