Charlotte Casiraghi Current Events Part 33: July 2009 - March 2010

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Welcome to part 33 of the thread to discuss the current events of Charlotte Casiraghi.
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Glistening Seas

:popcorn: Hmmmn as it appears you might be right about the corona bottle. But, beer at that time of day?! Oh it was probably hot there especially her new friend with the long sleeves!!

:tea: however, it appears Charlotte may have had coffee or tea?

:tea: Also did you see the bread on the table that is bread isn't it???

:tea: looks like the razzi got there late because they were finised eating do you suppose it seems they must have to eat fast to be kept from being photographed!

that could make it difficult sometimes. :fireworks::castle2::coach:
what happened to alex dellal ? does char have a job ? is she an editor or something like that?
Who's the guy sitting next to her? He looks nothing like Alex.
He must be friend, or someone very close to Charlotte, as we can tell for the pics.
Yes! I think it's him, if it's not, they share the same profile.
hi all.its been an ages i havent logged in into this forum.i want know whether charlotte is still with alex or not? :)
I know who thats boy it's Harry Scrymgeour!!!He's lord !!!I like Harry I think that he's very handsome xxxx
*with the shorter hair
It would be nice to see Char with a Lord hehe. Well, she was in a cafe with this Lord. He's good looking indeed.
But Harry Scrymgeour is married to her friend Eloise (born "van der Hayden)!! And they have at least one kid, a son, maybe two kids.
no one kid his name is tassilo and i know that harry have three sisters marina,flora and lavinia scrymgeour i know many information about scrymgeour family
Okay yeah, that's him. Definitely. Anyway, its just good to see new pics of her.
no one kid his name is tassilo and i know that harry have three sisters marina,flora and lavinia scrymgeour i know many information about scrymgeour family

so is he separated or divorced from eloise? he looked pretty cozy with char and there was just the two of them, and sitting almost on top of each other lol
He's cute. I never saw a pic of him before, though I've seen pics of Eloise and think she is very pretty. Yeah, now that you mention tassilo, I remember that's the kid's name. He must be like 3 or 4 now I guess?
I remember that Eloise sat next to Pierre at the Rose Ball. I'm thinking it was the last one.
:ermm:I'm not sure I understand the opposition against Alex...can someone please explain it to me? I mean, I do prefer Felix, but still. I know sometimes Alex seems "I'm too cool for this", but she always seems happy with him.
Yeah, some of the anti-Alex stuff being tossed around sounds a *tad* harsh. As long as Charlotte's happy that's good enough. You should never say anything bad about anyone someone is dating or has dated (and I don't think we know anything at this point) because they could always get back together and there you'd be with egg on your face. Alex would not have been my preference, but Charlotte's the one making the decisions and whether it is he or this Lord Squiggy or whatever his name is, I hope whoever she goes with makes her happy and treats her right.

She always seems absolutely blissful with Alex, but where is he? Oh yeh he was at the monaco jumping. Alex is interesting. Scrymgeour seems like Alex sort of, both contemporary art lover types, though one is from the aristocracy, the other from the bourgeoisie.
Charlotte is quite the damsel. She is young, eligible and quite charming. Her looks are natural and pristine. Any guy would be lucky to have a date with her. You can tell from her eyes that she is earnest and true. All guys want that. I hope her friend had a nice time with her and that she has healed from having an accident to her wrist. He seems handsome. Look forward to more equestrian shows. I've become a fan of her jumping with GI Joe.
Let's stay on topic. This thread isn't about Alex, Felix or Harry so let's not focus on them.

And let's keep it civil....if you don't like a particular person let's not be rude or childish about it.
I love her outfit in the cafe btw !!
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Look forward to more equestrian shows. I've become a fan of her jumping with GI Joe.

She said in her interview she will certainly compete in Estoril, next week's stop for the Global Champions. :) It's starts on the 9th.
Charlotte must be in Estoril now. They are doing warm ups, no competition for today, and then tomorrow the competitions start. I wonder when/if we will have pics.... It's a very hyped event in the equestrian world because of the high prize money, and surely it is well known Charlotte will be there. :D
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