Charlotte Casiraghi Current Events Part 33: July 2009 - March 2010

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so is he separated or divorced from eloise? he looked pretty cozy with char and there was just the two of them, and sitting almost on top of each other lol

sorry to disappoint but that's the way you normally seat outside cafés here. We like seating side by side instead of facing each other in order to have a better look at the passerbiess :D
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Well, Charlotte was one of the eliminated yesterday from the second warmup competition. Athina, by contrast, did excellently, with third prize (525 euros) for her and her beautiful grey, Uceline. :cool:

I hope we get some pics........
the portuguese newspaper CORREIO DA MANHA, has some pics that i have seen in the library but i haven't bought it. She still has the hand hurt.
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Even though her latest concour didn't go well, I am totally digging the fact she is out in the horse world again!
Every rider has it's bad moments and every horse has it's off-day. Too bad; better next time :)
A combination of all I guess. The back (maybe that was hurt as well in the accident?) and her hand made her tense anyway, and then primarily the horse doing the refusals was how she got eliminated.

I feel so bad hearing she was crying! :ermm:
Poor Charlotte :( but i'm sure she gave all her best! And i mean, c'mon, give her a break: She had pain in the back and an injury in her hand but she still went to compete. I'm proud of her:flowers:
Correio da Manhã translation

Hi people, my english is not really good, but i will try to translate this text to you: Vidas - Nacionais - Charlotte do Mónaco esteve em Portugal

please, forgive me about my mistakes.

"Charlotte Casiraghi (Caroline of Monaco’ daughter) and Athina Onassis, both of them amongst the most richest women in the world, has been yesterday at the Cascais hippodrome for the International Jumping, part of the ‘Global Champions Tour 2009’. Without additional security measures, Charlotte and Athina walk through the hippodrome, and, despect they haven’t posed to photographers, they don’t keep away the press. Barely Charlotte’s bodyguard ask to photographers some restrainment.
Returning to a country where she had vacations some time ago, Charlotte is distinguished by her beauty, sympathy and discretion, but probably will not miss this last journey. The Grace Kelly’s granddaughter was eliminated in the first round, and have injured her "back" after her horse refuse a jump."
oh well, I'm sorry Char is out - I'm sure she did her best.:rolleyes:
Charlotte Casiraghi queixa se de dores nas costas e abandona prova no Estoril -

It's in portugueses, sorry:(
She did a warm up quite tense and was eliminated after two refusals from her horse Gi Joe. In that moment, Charlotte complained about her back. Out of competition, she was seen crying and being conforted by her coach and her bodyguard.

Thanks, Julliette! What does it say on the bottom about "Diana Polignac de Barros"? Is she the blonde girl walking with Char? The Polignac name is interesting. Could be her distant cousin?

That sucks about her back pain. Back pain is the worst. That would definitely cause anyone to have a bad performance. I'm glad we got to see her there, however. She looked adorable in her cap. :)
Diana Polignac de Barros was one of the riders in the same competition of Charlotte. It's said to be her cousin. There are some Polignac in the portuguese "high society". They're said to be distant cousins of Monaco royals. But I'm not sure how close they are. Perhaps they don't even know each other (Diana and Charlotte).
Is she riding for Stal Tops as the Dutch jumping rider Tops?
Will Charlotte still be going Portrugal after being eliminated from the previous competition? Sorry if this is a dumb question, but I'm not sure how the equestrian thing works...
Will Charlotte still be going Portrugal after being eliminated from the previous competition? Sorry if this is a dumb question, but I'm not sure how the equestrian thing works...

I think competitions are independent from each other. When you enter a competition doesn't matter if you were eliminated or not in the previous one. (Perhaps someone can explain it better).
Competition in Portugal is already finished, and acording to her interview, she will be Brazil at the end of this month.

BTW, here are some more pics from Portugal.Sorry for being small
Interesting - does Prince Albert usually accompany Princess Caro on vacation (PACHA III)?
^ I'm not sure about "usually", since I'm a new fan, but I know that he has done so before in the past. There are adorable pictures of him taping Andrea, Charlotte, and Pierre when they are kids on Pacha.

And thank you, juliette!
Diana Polignac is indeed her distant cousin, if I'm not mistaken Princess Caroline attended Diana's mother's wedding back in 1977.
Julliette, this are pictures of caroline, albert, charlene, pierre, beatrice on the yacht, right?
Because you are writing "here are some more pics from Portugal." :unsure:
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Interesting - does Prince Albert usually accompany Princess Caro on vacation (PACHA III)?

It has been tradition that the Princely family makes a trip to St Tropez once in summer with their yatch. I have followed them since their childhood and a series of photos could be found this place as the special destination. It is surprising to me that they are doing this in July not in August when Monaco will have the public holiday season.
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