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Old 05-18-2012, 12:35 PM
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All the English royals (from what I have seen so far) have dressed in a very understated way and Kate, among them, was the best dressed, besides the Queen who is hors concours.
Old 05-18-2012, 12:42 PM
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Originally Posted by suztav View Post
Once again, Catherine looks fabulous. She understands some important rules:

1.) Less is always more
2.) Her husband is the heir to the heir ... you don't dress like you're the #1 person in the room (or the realm, for that matter)
3.) It's not necessary to compete with the Queen ... dress for who you are!
Absolutely! She looks elegant in this dress. Perfect!
Old 05-18-2012, 12:44 PM
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I'm not dying about it. It's very simple and the colour's ok, but it just doesn't do a whole lot for me. Appropriate for the occasion, and probably a deliberate attempt not to overshadow HM as it was her day, although the British media still are focussing mainly on Kate, so far at least.
Old 05-18-2012, 12:53 PM
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Originally Posted by EIIR View Post
I don't think that would even satisfy the updo people, miche. Some of them actually weren't happy with last Friday's updo as it was apparently 'too busy'. You couldn't make it up sometimes.
It would satisfy me
Old 05-18-2012, 12:59 PM
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Originally Posted by muriel View Post
I agree with you. Also, many of her generation do not wear pearls or brooches. That said, I think in h er psotion, Catherine can get away with wearing them, and in he process, bring both brooches and pearls back into fashion
Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, did wear a small brooch, which was covered by hair.

the Fashion Spot - View Single Post - Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge (Kate Middleton)
Old 05-18-2012, 01:00 PM
Empress Merel's Avatar
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I like it. I don't like the shoes though, they're rather ugly. (I don't like any nude coloured shoes)
And I'm one of the ''updo-fanatics'' but here, I like her hair down better. Going for a ponytail or something would have been slightly too casual.

However, I feel like the lightning in a few of these pictures are not doing her any favors at all.
Old 05-18-2012, 01:17 PM
biboquinhas's Avatar
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Again a very low profile but very elegant!
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Old 05-18-2012, 01:19 PM
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That is a lovely outfit on Kate and I like the dusty pink, though I think it could have been a deeper tone for her coloring. The pleats look good on her, but I'm not crazy about the color of the shoes. And while wearing her hair down is fine for a daytime look, it would have been nicer pulled back in a half updo to display that lovely brooch and earrings and not look like it's swamping her per usual.
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Old 05-18-2012, 01:55 PM
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I'm pleased to see Kate in pink. It's not her best color, but it's pretty and appropriate. And by gum, that IS a brooch on her right shoulder. If she'd just put her hair behind her we could see these things. I don't care if she wears it up or down, I just don't think it should dominate her, and when she wears it hanging in great chunks down in front, it does dominate. Push it back and be done with it.

The shoes are okay.

I'm starting to think maybe Kate dresses for the Queen's approval. I'm also starting to think that pearls, being so strongly associated with Princess Diana, are something Kate wants to stay clear of. There have been a few outfits lately where pearls would have been lovely.
Old 05-18-2012, 02:02 PM
dbarn67's Avatar
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She look nice and appropriate. I hate the shoes though and usually I love all of her footwear.
Old 05-18-2012, 02:07 PM
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It's okay. Not a fan of the color, but quite elegant all in all. Considering that Queen Anne-Marie wore a pretty similar dress, I just find it a tad too old for Kate.
Old 05-18-2012, 02:22 PM
Prinsessan's Avatar
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The dress is nice, but nothing special. Her make-up doesn't look good, especially in this picture
Old 05-18-2012, 02:32 PM
Sephora's Avatar
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I love that fresh look, Kate does look stunning in that soft colour. IMO she was the best dressed among the british and european royals.
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Old 05-18-2012, 03:08 PM
IloveCP's Avatar
Imperial Majesty
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She looks so lovely! The color is gorgeous!
Old 05-18-2012, 03:21 PM
soraya's Avatar
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Location: somewhere, France
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Very nice dress.I love it's tailoring and color.
I think I am in the minority here but I like her shoes.
I agree with those who think that she should put her hair behind her ears.
Her make-up is a bit heavy though
Old 05-18-2012, 03:26 PM
XeniaCasaraghi's Avatar
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Join Date: May 2011
Location: Texas, United States
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This is a pretty dress, one I would actually wear. I'm not in love with the shoes, I don't like the color but I'm not going to say they would have looked better in the same color as the dress. Anyone have suggestions on the shoes? Maybe black, white, or silver?
As for the hair, same complaints by the same people. I would have liked if Kate wore it to one side over a shoulder and perhaps had an accessory.
Old 05-18-2012, 03:32 PM
Empress Merel's Avatar
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Originally Posted by XeniaCasaraghi View Post
This is a pretty dress, one I would actually wear. I'm not in love with the shoes, I don't like the color but I'm not going to say they would have looked better in the same color as the dress. Anyone have suggestions on the shoes? Maybe black, white, or silver?
As for the hair, same complaints by the same people. I would have liked if Kate wore it to one side over a shoulder and perhaps had an accessory.
Personally, if I had to style myself in that dress, I would wear shoes with a completely different color. Green, pink, (darker than the shoes, obviously) red. Or even black ankle-booties. It's such a sweet, delicate dress. I would throw some attitude to it. But obviously, it's not the event for such experiments.
Old 05-18-2012, 03:40 PM
MichelleQ2's Avatar
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I think Kate dresses to be appropriate and that is all. She looked lovely in a very tasteful dress with minimum amount of bling. I think Kate is well aware of the times when she is to "shine" (BAFTA, Olympic dinner) and when she is to be a respectful member of the Royal family. I think Kate has shown a real gift over her first year of knowing how to dress appropriately. In my recollection, the only misstep I felt she made was when she wore an extravagant Alexander McQueen outfit to Birmingham after the riots when one of her simpler dresses would have sufficed. But all in all she has done an amazing job her first year. She has shown to have good instincts; she is not trying to be a fashion icon, just a good consort to William.
Old 05-18-2012, 03:43 PM
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Nice color choice! It's nice to see her in pink. She looks very appropriate for the occasion.
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Old 05-18-2012, 04:02 PM
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Catherine looks lovely and feminine in this dress. The shoes appear to be satin in the pics, which seems like an odd choice for daytime wear, but I like them with their soft color. As for her hair, it would be nice if she would tuck it behind her ear/ears when she is wearing a beautiful brooch and earrings so they could be seen, as she did in the one pic. :)
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