The Duchess of Cambridge's Daytime Fashion Part 8: April 2012 - June 2012

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Welcome to Part 8 of the thread for The Duchess of Cambridge's Daytime Fashion!
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** The Duchess of Cambridge's Daytime Fashion Part 7: March 2012 - April 2012 **

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From what I can see I like it, although I am not a fan of poofy sleeves.
From what I can see I am not liking her white outfit, I may change my mind with a better look, but so far it's not flattering. I also am not in love with her blue 2 piece from the 26th with the flowers around the collar, it wasn't necessarily unflattering, it just wasn't anything that stood out to me. For some reason it gave me the feel of a politicians wife.
It's a nice top but I do not like the sleeves.
It's a nice top but I do not like the sleeves.
I agree - I didn't like cuffs like that when they were in fashion back in the early 1970's. I was in junior high at the time and thought they were awful then and my feelings haven't changed
I agree - I didn't like cuffs like that when they were in fashion back in the early 1970's. I was in junior high at the time and thought they were awful then and my feelings haven't changed

Agree - sleeves like that must actually fit, too, to be a success, and in this instance they are actually sliding over her hand. Oh dear. Bad hair day, too. Nice smile, though.
From what I can see of he outfit, it looks all right. I'd like to see a better picture in order to make a better judgement.
For all the criticism Catherines fashion choices seem to get from fashionistas on these boards the buying public do not seem to agree. Almost every outfit she has worn has sold out in minutes after her appearances.

Catherine has good fashion taste and good PR sense. Her fashion choices are not for the elite haute couture set but seem tailored for the "people" that admire and watch the BRF. This combined with her genuine openness and charisma, her fashion choices will always be a retail success. Princess Diana had many of her outfits made to order and her image sold magazines all around the world. Catherine's image is selling magazines and clothing. And this is good for British fashion.
The Duchess of Cambridge: a year of record fashion sales - Fashion Galleries - Telegraph

Duchess of Cambridge 'has potential to be the new Jackie O', says Amanda Wakeley - Telegraph

Fashionistas may find her clothes boring but retailers have certainly benefited from people buying copies of whatever she wears.

Personally, I don't think that has anything to do with her fashion sense. She could wear a potato sack and it would still be sold out the next day, just because of her popularity and the popularity of the BRF in general.
:previous:Prinsessan, I believe you've hit the nail on the head.
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Then how do you explain the outfits that she worn that has not sold out?
Are there any? Apart from overly expensive ones that 99% simply couldn't afford?
From what I've read, just about everything Kate has worn has sold out except for those outfits that have been in her wardrobe for awhile and are no longer in stores, or the very unaffordable items.
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are there any pic where u can clearly see what she is wearing?
Unfortunately, there are no better pictures. However, the blouse Kate is wearing is Ted Baker STARDY blouse.
The blouse is almost see-through, as can be seen in the picture of a model wearing it.

I generally love Ted Baker but the blouse is definitely not among my favourites.
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I like the detailing on the front, but not the collar or sleeves. Thanks for the better photo of the blouse, Artemisia!
well we have seen the new trend, 1980's pirate shirts are sure she wore a black cami under it so you couldnt see throu it
Ted baker can create some nice pieces and shoes but I don't like this blouse very much.
Thank you for the better picture of the blouse, Artemisia. Now that I see it better, I'm not at all too crazy about it. The sleeves are the biggest issue for me. The detailing on the front is nice, but that's the only positive I have found.
I am more impressed with seeing what Victoria Beckham and the Kardashian's are wearing each day. Is that what is called haute couture? Or is haute couture CarrienBradshaw walking down a new York street in a tutu?
Either way I never expected Kate to be Victoria, Kim, or Carrie.
At a Friends wedding.....

She is wearing blue Erdem dress, with a black McQueen belt (the website with the pics doesn't have them, but Hello will on Monday...)

Kate this weekend at her friend's wedding......

I do not like the McQueen belt with this dress.....too fussy. The dress didn't need it and I think it looks out of place
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Just a little bit more on the blue suit Kate wore to the Scott-Amundsen reception. The designer of the suit, New Zealander Rebecca Taylor, had actually recently told the NY Times that if she could dress anyone in the world it would be Kate. To say she was pleased that it happened is an understatement:

"I got out of the elevator this morning and my team had stuck a picture of her wearing the outfit on the wall opposite," Taylor told us on the telephone this afternoon. "I am a Catherine Middleton freak - ever since she came on the scene I said: 'I want to dress that girl.' It's a dream come true. She is a perfect model for our clothes. It fits her so well, it had a grown-up appeal - but it still looks youthful.

Rebecca Taylor On Dressing The Duchess of Cambridge ( UK)

Rebecca Taylor also clues us in on how Kate goes about finding clothes. Apparently SJP contacted her in February to say Kate was a fan of her designs and asking for a selection of her clothes, which the Palace paid for - no freebies. Ms Taylor had no idea if or when Kate would wear her designs so it was a nice surprise.
I think that dress is very elegant. But I don't think it looks good with the belt.
I agree the dress is too busy with all that lace...what was she thinking? Also we don't wear that kind of belt for weddings...:bang:
You barely notice the belt to be honest. It's such a beautiful dress I'm glad Kate has worn it again.
I think that dress is very elegant. But I don't think it looks good with the belt.
No it certainly doesn't look good with a really daywear belt with phony gold gilt smacked around the middle. What is with her and belts, whack on a belt and totally ruin a beautifully elegant dress. As to the blah blue accessories? I can only think the reception venue has blue wallpaper! :bang:
I like the dress but it should have been worn without the belt. The dress is busy enough for the belt.
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