Pope Meets Habsburg Family

  November 6, 2016 at 11:30 am by

Yesterday pope Francis met with members of the former Imperial family of Austria-Hungary at the Vatican. The meeting was dedicated to the theme of  ‘rediscovering family values’.

In his short speech the pope referred to the Blessed emperor Charles I, who was blessed in 2004 by pope John Paul II.The pope continued:

“His presence among you makes the Hapsburg family not a nostalgia of the past but, on the contrary, a family active in the present, with the challenges and needs. Many of them now play important roles in solidarity organizations and cultural institutions and also promote the project of a Europe as a common house based on human and Christian values. “

Among those present were Archduchess Robert, née Princess Margherita of Savoy-Aosta, Archduke Carl-Chrisitan and his wife Princess Marie-Astrid of Luxembourg, Archduke Paule George and his wife Duchess Eilika of Oldenburg, Archduchess Garbiela and Archduchess Sophie, Princess Windisch-Graetz with her husband ans son.

Archduke Karl, head of the Habsburg family, was seated on his own and held a speech afetrwards.The archduke’s wife and son were absent, but his daughters Archduchesses Eleonora and Gloria did attend the special meeting.

Courtesy: TRF-member eya.

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