New Bulletin: King Mihai Released from Hospital

  March 16, 2016 at 6:31 am by

A bulletin on the health of 94-year-old King Mihai I of Romania was released yesterday, stating that the former monarch has been released from the Swiss hospital he has been in for the past 17 days.

“The King’s general condition is stable. Considering the severity of the diagnosis [leukaemia], treatment and the recovery process will be length and will require close supervision,” the bulletin read. He will continue to be monitored by doctors at his private residence in Lausanne, where he is with his wife, Queen Anne, and one of their daughters, Princess Elena.

Crown Princess Margarita, King Mihai’s heir and the Custodian of the Crown, remains in Romania at this time, but is in constant contact with her family and her father’s team of doctors.

King Mihai, 2013

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2 Responses to New Bulletin: King Mihai Released from Hospital

  1. Diana Lucia Zotescue says:

    We are watching with great concern the developments of our beloved King’s medical state. But His Majesty is a true Scorpio, therefore capable to reverse a critical situation by means of shere will power. He proved His great resilience along all His life. We hope that our love and ardent wishes for a speedy return to His usual self will reach His Majesty as a positive flux of positive energy.

    Speedy recovery, Your Majesty. We, the poeple and the country, need our King !

  2. Matt Higdon says:

    Merciful and Almighty God, I pray that restore and preserve the health of H.M., King Michael and also that of his precious consort, Regina Anna. For they are Romania’s true treasures. I ask this O God in the name of Jesus Christ, your son. AMEN!

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