Captain Laurent Attends Anniversary of Tienen & Military Divers

  May 11, 2009 at 9:22 am by

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Prince Laurent has attended the anniversary of the city of Tienen, where he spoke about military divers.

According to the newspaper ‘Gazet van Tienen’ the prince looked tired and skinny. The prince listened to the official speeches at the city hall of Tienen, with admirable patience, the newspaper adds. After the official part was over, the prince took some time to talk to the press. He expressed his admiration for the divers, who work under very dangerous circumstances, especially as they are often used to take care of mines. One of the most difficult tasks of the divers was however the operation to save passengers of the ‘Herald of Free Enterprise’, a British ferry that sunk in the North Sea.

Prince Laurent has a diving license himself and he has good relations with the navy, a year ago it became evident that it was the navy which gave him 150.000 euros for the  interior decorations of the prince’s villa Clementina. After the commotion about this transfer, the money was paid back by king Albert II.

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