Zara Phillips' Fashion and Style Part 2: January 2013 - January 2018

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Welcome to Zara Phillip's Fashion & Style Part 2
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Two different looks for Zara in Australia on January 8, 2013 - jeans and a white blouse at the Magic Millions Barrier Draw and a dress at the Magic Millions Opening Night cocktail party. She looks great in that simple jeans and blouse outfit!

** Full view 1 ** Close up ** Full view 2 ** Upper part **
I love the dress. She looks so young in it.
I really like that plush plum hat from day 1 and the coat and boots from day 2! Didn't care for the hat on the second day.
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The Day 1 white coat is beautiful, I really love its collar. The red one has good cut, but I don't like its colour on her
I just don't get the hat from day two. Other than that, I thought she looked great.
I love the white coat;it's such an elegant look. The red, however, not so much.

Zara at the service to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II at Westminster Abbey, on June 4, 2013, wearing a short dress in black, white and yellow. A bit too short and eye-catching for the occasion.

** Full view 1 ** Full view 2 ** Back view **
I like the color not the hat and the dress could have been an inch longer.
Alright for the normal enclosure at Ascot but too short for such an occasion. I like the colours, it was a beautiful day in summer.
Oh dear it's too short for her IMO and with a little length in all her dresses she would appear alot leaner. The dress is IMO too loud for the occasion I think she looks awful .....
She looks great but the dress really makes her look so big. If it was longer and taken in in the back, I think it would fit better. Love the sleeves and neckline.
That thing on her head is horrific, but Zara does love those pieces.

The coat is quite nice, but again the cut is a tad short.
The yellow dress is such a great color on her and for the season. I find the dress a bit too short but she still looks good in it. I would've liked black heels rather than nude with this dress. The hat/headpiece is ridicules IMO but she seems to wear it well.
She seems to have a lot of fun being pregnant ...
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She looks like a buttercup! Great color, hem a tad too short and I agree that black shoes would have looked better. Horrible topper, though.
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I have to say I am not a fan of Zara's style as i do think alot of her dresses are far too short and she cannot carry them off and have to say this is the case here IMO I love the colour but a bit more last check in the mirror thing would not go astay IMO
Zara is showing quite early on in her pregnancy...maybe it's twins! (I JEST) I do not like the dress or hat at all, but Zara pulls it off in a weird way...
I like the dress but not the hat on her. Black and white is such a classic combination and this is a retro event.
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