Zara Phillips' Fashion and Style Part 1: June 2004 - December 2012

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Zara looks so cool in her shades. :cool: Anyone know what brand they are?
I also like her coat alot.
:previous: Thanks for the link, HM! :flowers: Zara has beautiful coats and boots. My favourite is the white coat in the second photo (and also the boots in the same photo).
Zara Phillips at The Cheltenham Festival horse racing meet in Gloucestershire, England.
Pic 1
Pic 2
Pic 3
Love Zara's white coat. She looks so chic! Her sunglasses are cool too. :cool:
I love the overall look this time. It's really stylish and contemporary IMO! :flowers: The bad news: don't you think this could have been her... father in the 2nd pic? :whistling: :sad:

Mike Tindall isn't exactly what I'd call a 'looker' ... ;)

I love Zara's coat, but I'm a bit bored with her sunglasses. Though they look stylish, I'd like to see some others from time to time. :)
Zara looks wonderful. Her overall look is very modern and stylish.
She looks like she could be posing in a fashion magazine.
I like the outfit, very casual and the especially love the coat.
Zara always looks fashionable.
I love this look and her bright red bag gives it a splash of colour.
I liked that look, different and quite 'Twenties'. Hat by Philip Treacy, I assume?
I like the old fashioned look of it too. Zara seems to like to try different looks which I think is good.
Ahh, the roaring 20's. Love it!!
I wonder who she's talking to on her cell phone in pic 2
Zara attended the Sport Industry Awards at Battersea Evolution in London, England.

Pic 1 * Pic 2 * Pic 3
She' showing too much skin. I like the dress but it looks like it's barely hanging on her body.
Although the dress - and its colour - is beautiful, it doesn't fit properly, the top part in particular. ;)
Her dress is by Notte Marchesa
Not a bad dress a t all, the color is really pretty & I think she wore it well.
I agree with CP5, it looks as if the dress is just hanging on her and I find it unflattering for her cleavage, she needs straps. Though it's a lovely color and dress, it doesn't suit Zara's shape and it didn't fit.
I agree with NoorM. the dress is lovely but it doesn't fit her well.
Not the best fitting but the dress itself is nice and a beautiful colour. I like her shoes as well.
She should not wear a strapless dress. Zara is too large busted and needs something to pull the "girls" up.
But overall she looks nice.
Zara looks lovely.... but she really needs some upper support.
Nice over all look. Love her shoes and clutch. Good hair and make-up too.
The blue dress is a total win for Zara - she looks fantastic. One of the best evening dresses we've seen her in.
Attending the 40th anniversary party for Range Rover in Kensington, July 2nd.

Pic 1
Pic 2
I don't like it, the dress is not very pretty and it doesn't suit her body type.
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