Zara Phillips' Fashion and Style Part 1: June 2004 - December 2012

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:ermm: I fear this outfit has not done Zara justice. The dress goes all wrong from the waist down and she looks like a ghost in the deep blue.

The head piece looks fab!!
Zara looks absolutely beautiful! So chic and elegant!
Oh oh, this dress was not a good choice IMO. :eek: Completely unflattering for Zara's build. A pity because apart from the dress she looked as lovely as always. :flowers: I like her make up, the earrings and the fascinator.
Fascinator at the Melbourne Cup Day is by Philip Treacy
Although it's a beautiful dress, it doesn't flatter Zara, imo. The shoes, the clutch and the headpiece are all fantastic! Typical Zara!
Oh dear, she reminds me of her mother. Anne made a few fashion faux pars too. Better luck next year Zara. :ohmy:
Zara's dress at the Melbourne Cup is from Thread Social, as she stated in her brief interview on A Current Affair.
The dress is interesting but looks unflattering on Zara.
The hat is beautiful, I quit elike it with the dress.
A very fresh casual look. Thanks for sharing the pics!
She always manages to look natural even when she's posing. The white looks good against her tan.
:previous: interesting choice of clothes there. I think it works. I like also her hair.
The jacket is really pretty and very dressy. can pair this with jeans or wear it for an evening out. The skirt looks like its a lining skirt and not an actual skirt, it also looks like it could be a tube dress with the elastic on the hem.
Hair is different but doesnt suit her at all.
I'm not sure I like the bronze skirt/dress, it looks a little awkward. However, I do favor everything else about Zara's "Night Out" outfit, especially the black beaded jacket.

Zara's hair worn down makes her look so different, but the blunt thick bangs, and striaght hair may be a bit harsh for her strong Windsor facial features.

I'm not really sure how I find this outfit. I's a great coat and I love its colour, but I think it's a bit unflattering for her bust-line.
The hat is a bit too big for my taste, but as always overall an interesting appearance of Zara, who looked wonderfully happy and lovely.
There is something wrong with Miss Phillips' outfit. I feel Zara looked too big for the coat as well as shoes looked tacky. I liked the shade of the blue colour though.
I love those skinny trousers! Although the coat is not my cup of tea, it looks great on Zara. But I dislike her accessories (bag, sunglasses, shoes). JMO
I love her coat. So stylish! Not crazy about the shoes.
Love the coat. Normally Zara has fantastic shoes but this time I am not really liking them.
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