Zara Phillips' Fashion and Style Part 1: June 2004 - December 2012

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Thanks Dierna23 for the added photos. Some really nice pictures of her all dressed up. I especially like the purple dress but I'm not sure about the boots with the blue dress. :nonono:
Zara's look has become much more feminine now.She's stunning!Nice pics.
I don't think white is her best color but it's nice to see her relaxing and enjoying herself.
I agree. I think her skin is a bit too rosy for white. But as always she looked quite fresh and relaxed and I liked her sunglasses. Thank you for the pics, queenofthelight :flowers:
I wish she would dress up more- Zara is really pretty. She reminds me so much of Princess Ann as well as Princess Margaret. She got all the Good Windsor features.

Well, these pictures were taken at the Gatcombe Horse Trials and you know, she's a sporty woman. :flowers: I think Zara can be very stylish as well. The socks here were cute. ;)
Thanks for posting these pics, rchat! :flowers: Oh yes, I too like the leather jacket quite much.
Zara does look cool in this jacket. :cool: And she looks good with bangs.
My, My Zara looks so chic and cool. I love the jacket, she seems most in her element aroung horses and events relating to them. I do love her thicker bangs, they work wonders for her famous Windsor jaw line!!!!
:previous: You know I never noticed before that she had such a strong jaw line, but she definately does in these pictures. Perhaps her thick bangs accentuates it.
Beautiful pictures,Nika!I love the first gown,I've never seen it before.
Zara is definitely a beautiful girl.I was wondering about her height,any ideas?
She indeed is beautiful. Thank you for the pictures, nika. :flowers: I always thought the first one was a good campaign. :) Edit - Zara's height: 5'6
Thank you for the info,Dierna!I thought she could be taller than 5'6'',but not too tall.
If you didn't mention it,I would never notice that it was a campaign for Land Rover.
I think she also advertised Rolex-as an athlete,I mean-but maybe I'm confusing her with someone else.Can someone confirm this?
:flowers::previous: World record time,Dierna!Where was this picture?In your personal file? :D On a serious note,thanks for confirming this.She looks amazing once again!

:google: ;) But as long as Zara is one of my personal faves I remembered this campaign quite quickly. You're most welcome.
She's adorable,I agree.Too bad she's not a Princess,she deserves this title much more than know...
Except of the fourth picture I quite agree - this was terrible unflattering. But however, she's very stylish. :flowers:
I like the graphic print dress, she reminds me so much of her mum!
Nice pictures!I loved the purple dress in the 1st pic.Zara looks like a model there,simply stunning!
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