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At the 2023 catalogue of the Princess Estelle Cultural Foundation there is a lot of information about the Foundation, Sculpture park and its sculptures.

About the Foundation
The Princess Estelle Cultural Foundation was founded in autumn 2019 on the initiative of Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel. Its purpose is to promote cultural activities in Sweden. This is in line with a royal tradition in Sweden to support culture and the conviction that cultural activities are essential to an open, modern society.
Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel wish to highlight this and demonstrate their long-term commitment by establishing the Foundation. The initial focus will be on developing a permanent sculpture park at Royal Djurgården, the Princess Estelle Sculpture Park.
With this sculpture project, the Foundation wants to make contemporary art available, since it has been found that experiencing art can be beneficial to the individual and to society at large. The interaction with art opens our senses, makes us reflect, develops new thoughts and knowledge, and teaches us to embrace the unforeseen. To enrich our shared environment with contemporary art is not only about creating timeless monuments, but also about inspiring discussions and contributing to a better quality of life for everyone in the longer perspective.

About the Sculpture park
The idea for the sculpture project at Royal Djurgården was born when the Crown Princess couple were patrons of Umeå, European Capital of Culture in 2014. A visit to the Umedalen Sculpture Park sparked the idea of creating something similar in Stockholm. In 2016–2018, outdoor sculpture exhibitions featuring Tony Cragg, Eva Hild and Jaume Plensa were organised by a private gallery in collaboration with the Royal Djurgården Administration.
The Princess Estelle Cultural Foundation launched the sculpture project at Royal Djurgården in 2020, and organised an exhibition with Alice Aycock that same summer. The patrons of the Foundation donated one of the sculptures, Hoop-La. This was the first permanent work acquired for the future sculpture park at Rosendal. The second sculpture in the collection, Life Rings by the artist duo Elmgreen & Dragset, was acquired in 2021 thanks to gifts from the Båge and Frankenius families and one donor who wishes to be anonymous. In 2022, the Eldered family funded the acquisition of Wind Sculpture in Bronze I by Yinka Shonibare CBE. This year, the Rosendal area will be enriched with the new sculpture Untold by Gyllenhammar, thanks to a generous gift from the Schörling family.
The Foundation will develop and grow organically and dynamically. Its main purpose is to create a unique, permanent sculpture park in Stockholm and, in connection with new acquisitions, to organise events and educational activities relating to art, and to encourage interest in and offer knowledge about art. The Foundation is committed to promoting awareness of contemporary art and enhancing Sweden’s cultural standing in Europe.
More information here

Art education in 2023
Art education 2023 - PREKS

Activities in 2023
During the activity period 30 May–1 September free introductions/guided tours are offered, in Swedish or English, daily at 1 PM.
Program 2023 - PREKS

Audio guides of the sculptures
Audioguider - PREKS

Victoria and Daniel at the inauguration of "Osagd".

Daniel said at his speech at the inauguration
"And this is about me and my family, we want to create something that is significant, that does good for many people, for many generations to come."
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Charlotte Gyllenhammar was interviewed yesterday at Radio Sweden's Culture Reportage, among others about her sculpture "Osagd/Untold".
Charlotte said that her big sculpture is situated at a beautiful beech grove without pedestal and it looks like it has always been there. The reporter said that he had difficulties to find the sculpture and Charlotte says that althought she is an artist and wants to show her work, at the same time she wants to hide them and make them a little secret. So it is fun that although the sculpture is four meters high, people have to search it, it isn't easy to find, it is camouflaged among the trees.
Charlotte Gyllenhammar om sin jätte i prinsessans*skulpturpark 2 juni 2023 - P1 Kultur Reportage _ Sveriges Radio
Charlotte Gyllenhammar's latest body, the large bronze sculpture Osagd, which is part of Princess Estelle Sculpture Park on Djurgården and which has been placed among very majestic beech trees not far from Rosendahl's popular garden restaurant, has been inaugurated. It is, of course, a peculiarly strange body, several meters high and downright clumsy in its appearance. Overgrown as well.(...)
I like that the Djurgården area will become a sculpture park.
Together with the enchantingly dizzying sculpture by the American Alice Aycock from 2020, Gyllenhammar's mute bronze giant makes Stockholm a richer experience. Difficult to find perhaps, but no less difficult to forget once it has made itself known.

01 July 2023, at 13:00 - 16:00
Join us on a magical walk with elements of storytelling and forest bathing in a fairytale Djurgården environment! We start from the museum park and walk to Charlotte Gyllenhammar's powerful and enigmatic sculpture on the other side of the bridge.
Vandring med väsen på Djurgårdens stigar - Etnografiska museet

Charlotte Gyllenhammar's Osagd/Untold at its beautiful and mysterious surroundings
The Princess Estelle Cultural Foundation at its Instagram
Work with us! We are looking for a communicator / administrator
The foundation's operations are expanding and the organization needs to be strengthened with a thorough and well-organized communicator / administrator with responsibility for marketing.
Daniel had yesterday evening a meeting with The Princess Estelle Cultural Foundation at the Royal Palace.
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Victoria and Daniel participated today in The Princess Estelle Cultural Foundation's Board meeting at the Royal Palace.
A new photo of the Board of The Princess Estelle Cultural Foundation and Executive Director at the Foundation's website, taken by Henrik Garlöv/The Royal Court on August 31.

Left to right: Staffan Larsson, Elin Annwall, Janne Sirén, Johan Ericsson, HRH The Crown Princess, HRH Prince Daniel, Sara Sandström Nilsson, Lars Strannegård, Lena Josefsson

Board of the Foundation and Executive Director
HRH The Crown Princess, Initiator
HRH Prince Daniel, Initiator and Board member
Elin Annwall, Board member
Johan Ericsson, Chairman of the Board
Lena Josefsson, Board Member
Staffan Larsson, Governor of the Royal Court and Board member
Janne Sirén, Board Member
Lars Strannegård, Board Member
Sara Sandström Nilsson, Executive Director
Organisation - PREKS
Daniel visited last week @bonnierskonsthall art gallery in Stockholm together with representatives of The Princess Estelle Cultural Foundation.
In the art gallery, Daniel met artists Tilda Lovell and Sara-Vide Ericson, who presented the exhibition "Något mörkt ställde sig vid våra sinnens fem trösklar utan att gå över dem".

Tilda Lovell posted to her Instagram
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Daniel attended today a meeting with The Princess Estelle Cultural Foundation at the Royal Palace.
Autumn colours in the sculpture park!
Visit the Princess Estelle Sculpture Park all year round and discover the artworks with our audio guides.
Alice Aycock presents herself and her sculpture ‘Hoop-La’ in the English audio guide and actor Lena Endre reads the Swedish version. A QR-code next to each sculpture can be scanned to access the audio guides and they are available for free on

In the audio guide, Yinka Shonibare CBE tells us about his artistic practice and the ideas behind ‘Wind Sculpture in Bronze I’. Actor Dejmis Rustom Bustos gives an introduction to the work in Swedish and English. Scan the QR-code next to each sculpture to access the audio guides and they are available for free on
Daniel participated today in The Princess Estelle Cultural Foundation's Board meeting at the Royal Palace.
"Kungahuset", TV4's annual documentary about the Royal Family hosted by Anders Pihlblad, will be shown at TV4 this evening. At the program:

Pihlblad talks with Victoria and Daniel at the inauguration of Charlotte Gyllenhammar's sculpture "Untold". Victoria looks forward to coming there with the children, experiencing art together with children gives completely different perspectives and questions. There is a great artistic streak in Victoria's family, Pihlblad asks if she has inherited this streak? Victoria firmly claims she hasn't. But Daniel has seen her creative side and thinks she has artistic talent, he says both Victoria and Estelle have a sense of form and color that he is impressed by, even if he is a bit biased. Victoria jokes: Thank you, at least I have a fan. How nice. But it's true, it runs in the family. Daniel says: Now she confirms, it's true, she said! But Victoria says she was thinking further back in the family, and pokes Daniel affectionately with a finger.
Här ifrågasätter prins Daniel kronprinsessan Victoria _*Svensk Dam
”Jag är imponerad” – här kivas kronprinsessparet kärleksfullt

Now in the winter, Anders Pihlblad visits Charlotte Gyllenhammar's sculpture "Untold" with the Crown Princess family, and Rio is with them, of course.
Estelle analyzes the great work of art in front of them, she says that it has something spiritual about it. She really likes it, with the beech forest, the trees around, it gets a bit of a cool aura. The bronze blends nicely with the surrounding trees. Estelle thinks it is there to be interpreted, you should come there to see what you think of it and see it yourself. It is very lovely. A little scary, but lovely nonetheless.
Här avslöjas det privata om Estelle – bara de närmsta vet _*Svensk Dam

It seems that there is a little art connoisseur in Estelle.
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Screenshots from TV4's documentary "Kungahuset", the Crown Princess family visiting Charlotte Gyllenhammar's sculpture "Untold" at the Princess Estelle Sculpture Park. They had visited it in the summer and now they visited it in the winter for the documentary.
Daniel participated this afternoon in The Princess Estelle Cultural Foundation's Board meeting at the Royal Palace.

Waiting for the Foundation's announcement about this year's artist and sculpture.
Daniel had today a meeting with The Princess Estelle Cultural Foundation.

The Foundation at its Instagram
"The Princess Estelle Cultural Foundation celebrates its five year-anniversary this year! The foundation was created in 2019 at the initiative of the Crown Princess Couple and has so far presented four artists in the Princess Estelle Sculpture Park on Royal Djurgården in Stockholm. The name of this year’s artist will be revealed on February 20."
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The Princess Estelle Cultural Foundation presents Artist of the Year 2024:
Giuseppe Penone
The Princess Estelle Cultural Foundation celebrates its five-year anniversary and will unveil the fifth permanent artwork in the sculpture park on Royal Djurgården in the summer. Giuseppe Penone, one of the most important artists of our time, has been selected to create a monumental, site-specific sculpture for the park. The sculpture will be inaugurated on 30 May 2024.
“It is a great honour to present a legendary artist like Giuseppe Penone in the Princess Estelle Sculpture Park. The work that he has created for Royal Djurgården is outstanding, unique, and absolutely magnificent,” says Sara Sandström, Executive Director.

Giuseppe Penone’s sculpture ’The Inner Flow of Life’ is a unique, site-specific commission created for the Princess Estelle Sculpture Park on Royal Djurgården in Stockholm. The sculpture, weighing 60 tons and measuring 10 metres tall, will be inaugurated by HRH Prince Daniel on 30 May at 13:00 and will be the fifth permanent work in the collection.

At an event held at the Italian Residence in Stockholm, the Princess Estelle Cultural Foundation (PREKS), which runs since 2019 the sculpture park located on the island of Djurgården, announced on February 20 that the work of art that will enrich the park in 2024 will be created by the Italian sculptor Giuseppe Penone.

Djurgården gets a tree sculpture weighing 60 tons
A tree-like sculpture ten meters high and weighing 60 tons will be erected at Djurgården in Stockholm this spring.
Daniel, Estelle and Sara Sandström, executive director of the Princess Estelle Cultural Foundation, visited yesterday the exhibition The Third Hand, with artwork by Maurizio Cattelan, at the Moderna Museet. They got a tour by Director Gitte Ørskou.

About the exhibition

More photos of the visit to Moderna Museet:
Victoria and Daniel attended today The Princess Estelle Cultural Foundation's Board meeting at the Royal Palace.
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