The Duke and Duchess of Sussex and the Commonwealth

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According to Omid Scobie, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex attended another private engagement yesterday!

A private engagement for Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan today. The couple attended a board meeting for the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust in London. Harry, president, saw the work of the @queenscomtrust during his November Zambia visit, calling it “a global movement for good.”

I wonder if Meghan will also become a Commonwealth ambassador...maybe dealing with women or higher education?
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"You are rejecting old hierarchies, antiquated systems and biases, you are looking at the world with fresh eyes, and breaking rules and boundaries that no longer apply to enable a better future for everyone."

Harry better be careful what he wishes for lol. You couldn’t make it up.
A nice speech; nothing particularly ground-breaking or original, but royal speeches almost never are. I liked how he circled back to the themes of sustainability and mental health.
This was a top notch speech by the Duke in both substance and delivery! A great engagement all around. Harry really shines when working with young folks.
The message of the speech was wonderful. The delivery on the other hand...not so much. He mumbles so I have a hard time understanding him.
"You are rejecting old hierarchies, antiquated systems and biases, you are looking at the world with fresh eyes, and breaking rules and boundaries that no longer apply to enable a better future for everyone."

Harry better be careful what he wishes for lol. You couldn’t make it up.

Well, when you take things out of context and put words in his mouth you ARE making it up. Please read the paragraph that follows the one you quoted: "You are authentic in your passion for social change, you genuinely care about preserving the environment and you focus your lives on working within your communities for the betterment of those around you." It's a fact that we are looking at the world with fresh eyes (doesn't every generation?) and breaking rules and boundaries as we become more aware of social and environmental justice and the mistreatment of minorities, including those in the Commonwealth. By acknowledging this positive change - nothing was said about what he ""wished for' - Harry is simply linking it to the service work performed by the "welfare monarchy." He's definitely his father's son. The British monarchy has survived because it has the sense to change with the times.
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Looking forward to seeing the Sussex’s attend the gala tonight for the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust and Queen’s Canopy.
I'm presently working my way through "Queen of the World" by Robert Hardman and I've never realized until now just how important the Commonwealth is to the Queen and how instrumental she's been being the glue that holds it all together for all these years.

I think naming Harry as the Commonwealth Youth Ambassador was a genius move on her part. The Queen is very well aware that our future lies in the youth of today. As far as Harry's quote about youth and change, when you really get into reading all the history of the Queen and the Commonwealth through the years, one thing remained constant and that was that it was constantly changing and adapting to the world around it.
via Kensington Palace‏ @KensingtonRoyal Feb 4

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will attend the gala performance of ‘The Wider Earth’ in support of @QueensComTrust and the production’s official charitable partner @QueensCanopy on Tuesday 12th February #TheWiderEarth

The Duke of Sussex is President of the @QueensComTrust, which uses its network, platform and experience to enable young leaders to realise their dreams and hopes for the future:

The @QueensCanopy is a unique network of forest conservation initiatives that marks Her Majesty The Queen’s service to the Commonwealth, and conserves indigenous forests across the globe:

Thank you. Great to hear and I'm looking forward to it.
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The Sussex’s at the gala-
Court Circular 12th February:
The Duke of Sussex, President, The Queen's Commonwealth Trust, and The Duchess of Sussex this evening attended a Gala performance of "the Wider Earth" at the Natural History Museum, Cromwell Road, London SW7, in support of the Trust and The Queen's Commonwealth Canopy and were received by Sir Michael Dixon (Deputy Lieutenant of Greater London).
The Duchess of Sussex becomes Vice-President of The Queen's Commonwealth Trust
The Queen’s Commonwealth Trust is delighted to announce that Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Sussex will today become Vice-President of the Trust. The Trust, of which Her Majesty The Queen is Patron and The Duke of Sussex is President, exists to champion, fund and connect young leaders around the world who are driving positive social change, serving their communities and providing hope, work and self-employment opportunities for others.

In this new role, The Duchess will highlight the Trust's partnerships with young people across the Commonwealth, and in particular its work supporting women and girls. In celebration of International Women’s Day and to mark this appointment, Her Royal Highness will this afternoon join a special panel discussion of female thought-leaders and activists convened by The Queen’s Commonwealth Trust, to discuss a range of issues affecting women today.

Meghan will today participate in a panel discussion arranged by the Queen's Commonwealth Trust to mark International Womens Day 2019 at Kings College, London.
HM must have a lot of confidence in Meghan to appoint her to such a role. The Commonwealth is her baby and she is certainly setting all the pieces in place to ensure it continues to flourish.
If ever there was a stamp of approval from the Queen in regards to Meghan, this is it. As Marg has stated, the Commonwealth has been the Queen's baby that she's nurtured and cared for over her entire reign and she does want to ensure that it will grow and prosper into the future. Harry and Meghan are just the right couple to give the Commonwealth Trust the attention and service that they need.

It warms my heart too to see it announced publicly that Meghan's role will have a focus on women and girls. This has always been a strong desire of where Meghan wanted her focus to go before she met Harry and now she's able to bring it into play on the Commonwealth stage.

What a beautiful and poignant way to celebrate International Womens Day
Wonderful news and what an honour for Meghan !
Wonderful news and what an honour for Meghan !

It is a great honor for Meghan. It does show the queen's confidence in her and that HM doesn't take stock in what the tabloids, the talking heads on TV, the RRs and her paternal family have said and still saying about Meghan.
Very nice, and the fact that Harry is president highlights the fact that the Commonwealth is definitely going to be one of their primary areas of focus--not that we had any doubt about that.
Can't go wrong with a husband and wife working together as a team and each having their own individual areas of focus. Its a win/win situation.

Its also occurred to me that its going to be a lifetime role for both of them. The Queen's Commonwealth Trust (with the trust being the King's Commonwealth Trust in future years) in Harry and Meghan's care will probably go on through the reign of William V.

Its been mentioned several places in different conversations that as the years pass, Harry and Meghan's roles will diminish and they'll slip more and more into the "unnecessary for royal duties" category. I think their roles as far as the Commonwealth goes ensure that they'll always be major players as team members of the British Royal Family through the years.
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