The Duchess of Cornwall's Fashion and Style Part 4: March 2012 - November 2012

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BEAUTIFUL gown and the necklace is as well!
Stunning! I love everything about it- I want it! :lol:One of Camilla's best looks to date! Better with the amethyst than the turquoise!
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The gown is a beautiful color and has wonderful velvet but the cut,other than the neckline, is not flattering at all.
the heavy gathering on the sides made her look very wide and call attention to the stomach, very few could wear a dress like this and look well through the middle.
The Duchess of Cornwall is navy lace dress at yesterday's reception for distinguished people from from Papua New Guinea, Australia and New Zealand.

- Close up
- Complete look
- Hair and makeup

Camilla is wearing one of her diamond chokers (the smaller one).
Stunning once again- loved it!
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Much better. She looks like she lost a little weight...not as lumpy.
roseroyal said:
Stunning once again- loved it!

Agree completely. Camiila looks lovely, and what a stunning choice of jewelry.
Now if the queen or Charles would just lend her some hairspray for these windy days! :lol:
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Now if the queen or Charles would just lend her some hairspray for these windy days!

Or a good hat like her mother in law ...
It looks like she has a new pair of shoes, as well. Very pretty.
Yay! Saw the Princess no Duke no wait Duchess of Cornwall at today's Melbourne Cup (on TV)...She looked great :)
She is really beaming and it shines over her dress. Like the look.
This is one of my favourite outfits for the Duchess - the style suits her and the print isn't too overwhelming.

Not too keen on the hat for the racing event though. I'm trying to picture the size of the hat box used to transport it in:)

Elly - I thought I was the only one who ever thought about those big hat boxes in transit! I suppose because I used to travel so much for business and lug the printed materials, the laptop, occasionally the golf clubs or tennis racquet - I know what a drag all the extra baggage can be. I wonder if the royals use UPS/FedEx to ship things ahead the way I used to :lol::p:lol:

THis is a great look. Camila looks very elegant.

This is so funny - these adorable little girls are giving Camilla flowers, and she is saying (I am sure), "Oh and I have a dress just like yours only it is long sleeved and navy blue - and everyone is so tired of seeing me wear it!"

It would be funny if she actually said that :D. That dress is indeed getting extremely old. However, what she's wearing in the photo is quite lovely.

Does anyone recognize the day 4 dress from an earlier outing? I'd like to see what the top looks like without the jacket. It seems to be a patterned fabric on top?
I like both the colour and the beading of the reception dress - the colour suits her complexion. I must say Camilla has chosen dresses for this tour which are flattering to her figure and appear to be comfortable to wear. I know she has many variations of pearl necklaces/chokers but I would now like to see a very different choice for an evening event.
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