Sheikha Mozah's Fashion & Style Part 1: August 2009 - May 2016

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Uh don't like the last few outfits she wore. The Jacket she wore in LA was quite nice but don't like the white and the purple outfit she wore in Spain. The white outfit is nice but the belt gives her a strange proportional body as she has a pretty small waist but bigger hips. And the purple outfit is too much. I wish she would wear more of traditionals robes you know, like those colourful and flattery gowns. Paris Hilton wore a nice one when she was in Dubai. I love, love, love those clothes :D Here's a pic of paris' dress in dubai: Paris Hilton's My New BFF Heads To Dubai | Reality TV Magazine
As usually Sheikha Mozah's outfits are perfectly tailored. The purple gown is an excellent choice. The white ensemble appears somewhat awkward to me. I like the belt though.
I love the white outfit; the purple needs a couple of inches on the bottom.
I love this beaded gown with jacket (?) combo. Just perfect and elegant.
This woman has style & grace & elegance oozing from every pore in her body. I could only aspire to have 1/10th of it. She is amazingly beautiful and she dresses to perfection. What a style role model.
Sheikha Mozah is absolutely perfect with the purple dress !
not huge fan of the white outfit but i like the belt and the shoes anyway.
the purple dress is gorgeous and the Sheikha looks so elegant in.

Gala Dinner
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The evening dress above is by Chanel Couture Spring 2011
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I thought it was a great choice & it actually looked so much better on Sheikha Mozah than the actual design on the runway. I think it was different to an actual dress & the pink tie added a touch of color.

The purple dress form the lunch reception was perfectly tailored & the cut was lovely. I agree that the white outfit from the arrival was not her best look.

Watch out Kate: Sheika Mozah über-glam in white
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the white dress is one of her best choices lately,she looks splendid.
i have to say Sheikha wore it better than the model:)
You guys are right! It looked so much better on her than on the model. Karl Lagerfeld better hires Mozah for the next fashion show :D She looks stunning!
Sheikha Mozah is a stunning lady,I think her fashion is dramatic sometimes but most of the time she handelle it well...
I love all her outfits during the visit the gala dinner especially.
April 26, 2011 - In a taupe/brown dress, I am still undecided whether I like it or not but decided im not liking the color.

Picture ** Close up
I liked all the outfits of Sheika Mozah during the Spain trip. She looked elegant as usual.
I think she has a very dramatic style that really suits her. People may or may not like what she is wearing but it is always very "Mozah" and nobody else could pull it off like she does. There are very few women around with such a fitting trademark style.
April 26, 2011 - In a taupe/brown dress, I am still undecided whether I like it or not but decided im not liking the color. ... [snipped]
I fully agree with you. The design of the dress favourably enhanced Sheikha Moizah's figure. A drab colour, on the other hand, did nothing to flatter her. Pearls and the bag were well-chosen.
Sheikha Mozah's black ensemble with trousers looked modern adn chic. She wore it for a private dinner with King Jaun Carlos and Queen Sofia. Photos can be found on the - thestyle spot-the style star -Sheikha Mozah
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She is an elegant lady. Even when her outfits aren't the best she still manages to look elegant.
April 27, 2011 - Sheikha Mozah in a white dress with a white matching headscarf. I like the detailing on the shoulders of the dress, not many people would pull it off for a day event.

I think the dress is by Stephane Rolland Couture spring 2011

Sheikh Mozah's version

Full view ** Close up
I'm not too fond of the detailing on the scarf of but the rest is absulutely ok. This woman has just a respective style.

AnybodySomebodyNobody » Style Obsession- Sheikha Moza
Such a gorgeous lady!! LOVE that purse! Thanks for the photos Mademoiselle Lilo!
I like it, great color, simple cut, typical for sheikha but never boring.
you're welcome rubies.
i also like her purse.
i think she looks good she have a sush unique style that only her can do it well.
the purse is to die for ! very chic lady ..
yes that's a bpretty bag,it's the best part in the outfit.
Her clutch looks like its from Prada. Quite a nice color of outfit but it doesn't really suit her being so tanned unless its just too much bronze.
xavi83 said:
the purse is to die for ! very chic lady ..

I still think that a blue Hermes Birkin with diamonds, can calibrate her, this bag is too small for her, plus think that this shade of blue, is making her more bronzed, believe if it was a little brighter or/and shiner, would suite her handsomely.
She often choses clutch bags or smaller handbags...they are always very special and sophisticated,I like that she is chosing extravagant accessoires with classic dresses,her style is elegant with a modern twist!
I don´t think that she is wearing too much bronze,she probably has a darker complexion naturally because there´s a lot of sun in Qatar,so of course she is not as pale as some Europeans who live in colder climates like UK-but I wouldn´t like anyone to change their natural skin colour.
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