Royals Among The People And With Children

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Thanks for the link.
Lovely photos, I like seeing Princess Mary with children she has such a charming and natural way with them. The childrens's faces tell the same story, you can see they enjoy being with her..
Letizia at the awarding ceremony of 'A trip for everyone', a project by Foundation ONCE (Foundation for Cooperation and the Social Integration of People with Disabilities).
Prinses Maxima with the student council attended the opening of the new campus of the British School in Leidschenveen.
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Very sweet picture of Queen Sofia!$599x0.jpg
Prince Daniel at Fryshuset, a youth center with education, skateboarding, basketball, music and other leisure time activities.
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I have really enjoyed looking at these pics!
I would be the last one to be critical of the job QE2 has done.. but would'nt it be nice if she was a tad bit more open like these pics show these Royals to be?
But I do not think she can help being so formal.. it is who she is, and how she was trained. Old habits are hard to break!
And I admire and respect her as she is!
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