Royals Among The People And With Children

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I agree with you lumutqueen, I think CP Maxima is fantastic with the public, her loyal subjects. So real, and approachable, refreshing and natural.
^Lovely pics of The Prince and Princess of Asturias with people. They look so sweet.
This is why Felipe & Letizia are so popular in their country :flowers: Beautiful moments and pictures!
I love the pics! :flowers:
Lovely two ladies...:)
Mette-Marit and Mary, the woman from the senior center in Vestbyen in Bodø:
Another cute picture :)
Letizia and Mette Marit look really sweet and warm with old people. They both are great princesses.
I agree with all members with their statements and opinions.
When I saw Princess Letizia's photos, the first thing that came to my mind, Princess Letizia was like a little girl.
The photos are full of nice and positive feelings!
:previous: :cool: OMG, what a "breathtaking" kiss...literally :lol: Paty, I think you should post it on the Funny Faces of Royals, too ;)
CP Maxima is so simple & friendly! She really seems to enjoy meeting ordinary people and children. Well done!
It's so obvious that Letizia loves children!! I always enjoy seeing pictures like the above. Thanks for sharing them, LadyFinn!
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