The Crown Princess Couple's 10th Wedding Anniversary: 19th June 2020

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The Crown Princess couple celebrates 10 years - this is how GP's photographer took the huge picture
On June 19, 2010, Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel married in Stockholm. A few hundred meters away, GP's photographer Bengt Kjellin stood with cameras facing the bride and groom. The result was the huge picture.
The details in Bengt Kjellin's photo are so many and sharp that it feels too good to be true. You can see facial expressions on the wedding guests who are far away on the balcony and not least on the main characters in question, Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel.
- What was fun about it was to try, we had never done such a thing before. It was a bit of a guess, considering what the short route looks like and what angles were reasonable, says Bengt Kjellin.
Mosaic of over 200 images
The picture took about 10 minutes to take and in fact consists of 220 smaller pictures joined together.
- It's fun to try and find fault with it. The first image is at the bottom left and the last image taken at the top right. There are a number of clocks with and the further down the picture the earlier it is, so you can see that it is different.
The camera used to capture the image mounted on a holder was programmed to control it so that the images would fit together. Most of the work to get to the picture was done before Bengt Kjellin pressed the trigger.
- It was almost as fun to plan this. I sat down with Google maps with picture manager Anders Håkansson and measured the distance. In the end, we concluded that high up in the Grand Hotel would be a good place. There were only suites there, so we rented a suite to take the picture, he says.
Even though 10 years have passed, Bengt Kjellin looks at the picture at regular intervals.
- You become a little explorer in such a picture. There is so much to look for. Everyone in the area up at the castle is some form of celebrity, at the same time you can go down in the ordinary crowd and see if you recognize someone or if someone is doing something fun.
Kronprinsessparet firar 10 år – så tog GP_s fotograf enorma bilden _ Göteborgs-Posten - Sverige

The photo
Royal Wedding in Stockholm Sweden
At the photos taken outdoors photographer Elisabeth Toll worked with set designer Niklas Hansen. Both are represented by LundLund Agency.

Wij Gardens in Ockelbo congratulated Victoria and Daniel with a lovely set of photos. Victoria and Daniel visited Wij Gardens on their official visit to Ockelbo in 2011.

Congratulations and God's blessing to the Crown Princess couple on their 10-year wedding anniversary from Ockelbo Parish.
Bröllopsmusik i folklig stil från Ockelbo
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Article at Svensk Damtidning's latest issue about the photos on 10th wedding anniversary

Behind the camera was the star photographer Elisabeth Toll, 49, who mainly works as a fashion photographer.
We can assume that Victoria looks back on the last time she wore Elia Saab's dress as a fond memory of a very happy time, with the wedding with her beloved Daniel around the corner. Maybe she wanted to remind her husband of these days, and chose to pick from the magnificent dress once more? A certain feeling of nostalgia must have arisen when she put on the dress again, because that evening they looked so happy together.
Where the white dress comes from has not yet been determined, but there is some talk that it is specially sewn by Pär Engsheden, the man who designed Victoria's wedding dress. And yes - is looks similar to the other dresses Pär has made for Victoria over the years.
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Article at Svensk Damtidning's latest issue

Victoria and Daniel 10 years as married
7 crucial & happy highlights in their marriage
June 19 marks the day B - B as Bröllopsdagen, the wedding day for Victoria and Daniel. Our Crown Princess couple can look back on an entire decade as married, and here are seven of their highlights!

The secret is ...
A key to Victoria and Daniel are having it so good is that they always seem to to have fun together at work. They joke with each other and the laughter hails. Unless it is a serious assignment, of course, then they will instead be each other's great support.
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Has it been 10 years already? I can remember watching their wedding clear as if it was last week and my old brain doesn't hold things all too good these days. I probably remember it so clearly because of all royal weddings, Victoria and Daniel's has to be my very favorite. It was so personal and emotional between the two of them that you couldn't help but feel that this was a wedding where the marriage would a happily ever after one. ?

Think I'm going to watch the wedding again soon. Nothing like this wedding to give me a case of the warm fuzzies. :D
I have to agree. From the moment she stood on the steps of the Cathedral looking ever bit a future Queen it really was a seeming fairytale and fron the moment their eyes met it was obvious to all that they were two parts of a whole.

From the moment they touched in the middle of the aisle it was magic, two people who bring out the very best in each other. Over these last ten years Sweden has seen them grow closer and closer giving each other the loving support that enables them to give Sweden an amazing CP couple but, more importantly, a Crown Princess and a Crown Prince who have carved out a separate niche as individuals. I think Sweden really lucked out when Victoria married Daniel as he has brought a down to earth approach to life that the House of Bernadotte lacked. His work with health, especially with programmes to get kids up and moving and having the background to contribute instead of just being a "patron" has spun off in wider issues and his work with young entrepreneurs has likewise expanded into other areas.

Why does it work so well? We see it every time they are together whether on a muddy walking tour or seated at an engagement. A look, a glance, a touch, a smile, their eyes meet and it is love. Ten years of pure romance and the stuff that things are made of that they willingly share with anyone with eyes to see.
Perhaps Victoria and Daniel got inspiration to this photo

from this painting of king Gustav IV Adolf and queen Fredrika Dorotea Wilhelmina by Jonas Forsslund, executed c. 1797-1800

The painting was donated to the Nationalmuseum according to the will of 1872 by Karl XV, and now it is at Victoria and Daniel's dining room at Haga Palace.

Haga Palace was built in 1802 according to a design by architect Carl Christoffer Gjörwell, who was commissioned by Gustav IV Adolf.
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