Royals Among The People And With Children

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Princess Laurentien with a little girl during the NS Railways Valentine's Day event in Utrecht today, February 14 - I've rarely seen a royal on her/his kneels like that:

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The event was organized to draw attention to the urgency and importance of real, positive contact in our digital society. Several rganizations and famous Dutch people joined forces around this mission.

With unknown travellers at the station:

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Nice idea and the ideal person for its implementation! ?
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Victoria and Daniel today on their visit to Norrbotten

Visiting Älvstranden, which houses a retirement home, pre-school, digital health center and restaurant in the same building.
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Victoria has such a natural warmth that it almost seems like a gift. I wish Princess Estelle had been there to meet those lovely little girls as well.
If not this is genuine reunion joy.

When CP Mary inaugurated Bridewalking in Middelfart back in 2015, it was the veteran car driver, John Andersen, who is chairman of the Danish Veteran Car Club who stood ready with his yellow veteran car to drive Mary (actually Mary was allowed to drive the car herself) back over the bridge after having bridewalked.

This week the veteran car driver John Andersen again stood ready to drive Mary back over the bridge in his yellow veteran and Mary easily remembed John and the Crown Princess was clearly happy to see him again.

A hug for me ???

Duchess of Cambridge as she attends the 1st Battalion Irish Guards' St. Patrick's Day Parade

"Give the flowers to the Duchess "

" No I's mine!"

and so in the end the Duchess took another bouquet and the little adorable girl kept it!!!
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I just saw the video of this - and it made my night! That’s a Princess! And the little one kept running up to William, and the mother must have apologized cause William said “ no no, we’re good.” Now off to bed.

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