Royals Among The People And With Children

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Beyond precious, Daria! I also love pic # 28.
Beyond precious, Daria! I also love pic # 28.

Isn't it :D?

I love that these children must have read up on their monarch, because in No. 28, the girl is showing off her doggy-themed tights. Her Majesty is probably having a 'Grandma' moment in these shots.
I did not even notice the tights! How adorable! These kids were well prepared!
Yes, some wonderful " Granny" moments!
Thank you, LadyFinn. These are precious.
Daniel is going to be a great Dad.
:hug: Thank you for sending us those heart-warming pictures and videos.
Daniel has made a big impression on me these last few months. He seems very at ease with the people that come out to see him and Victoria.
How beautiful is CP Letizia on these photos !
:previous: The second picture is precious, LadyFinn.
How sweet are all the homemade birthday cards he got!
The photo with the twin girls had made my day! They´re too cute for words!:wub:
Leti almost couldn´t hold them both at the same time! :D
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