Queen Sofia's Fashion and Style Part 2: January 2011 - March 2016

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Always elegant Queen Sofia. I do not like very much the skirt, but as a whole is fit.
Always repeating with Queen Sofia, but I can not do otherwise. Elegant and chic look with her jewels. Perfect.
Queen Sofia looking as elegant as ever today at the Sports Awards in Madrid.
Its very Queen Sofia 's style and the colour really suits her as the other 2 queens are wearing black.
Queen always looks neat and clean but not my favorite suit. A bit overpowering and I believe makes her look older. QS last outfit at awards celebration was the real winner and looked brilliant on her.

The color of her dress stands out next to the other Queens; still looks very appropriate, I wander what other color or tone would have looked better to blend in better with the ladies ;)
Apart from Felipe, Sofia is the only SRF member who's not underdressed.
Painful on the eyes. Feel like I'm looking at a bedspread or shower curtain.
Love the colors but not the print.
The print reminds me of an Easter Egg wrapper perhaps that was Queen Sofia's theme?

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