Queen Silvia's Fashion and Style Part 5: July 2015 - September 2017

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The only good thing in yesterday's outfit was the red colour. The top and skirt didn't suit together at all. And the outfit looked too big for the queen.

Today's outfit is too tight. And there is too much blue with the Leuchtenberg sapphires. Just diamonds with the dress would have looked better.
And the two days the Queen she was impressive at all :sad:
Both nights Queen Silvia's jewelry looks great. The dresses - not so much. I recommend a bonfire for both.
I so agree about the bonfire, that got a chuckle for sure. :) I don't know who designed that gown, they need to go back to school and learn the basics of good design, she looks very uncomfortable in that gown and being comfortable is something you learn about a person body when making something just for them, and what is that *thing* hanging from her waist? How could she walk out the door thinking that was gown to be seen in of all places the Nobles is mind boggling. Just not a good year for Silvia and her Noble gowns.

Nobels Dinner Day 2 - even worse than yesterday. A horrible shiny dress

I didn't like either dress.
First dress- two fabrics that did not go together.
Second dress- two fabrics that did not go together- and that awful shiny top. Of the two it was the worst. What was she thinking?
January 17:

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This gown is just awful.
I'm not a fan of Silvia's gown. The colour is nice but the material looks quite cheap.
I love it. Love,the color,and simple cut but sparkly fabric and mix of fabric. Is that a giant bow or train?
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The Queen is for me the best dressed to the dinner! But i prefer another color!
She looks wonderful in that red dress.
I'm totally bored with this red outfit. She wore it on 9th September in Germany, on 30th November in Paris, now in Norway at the celebration and now again. And it has never been one of my favourites.
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I really like how the Queen was dress yesterday and I have to say that she certainly was the best dressed of the three royal women.
March 3:


I love the style but not the design.
I really lik that suit; I actually think it is one of the queen's best look she has sported in a while.
And: wearing blue on the occasion to welcome baby boy Oscar :)
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Official photos:

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The pink dress is awful but the suit is lovely.
I agree, I also prefer the blue suit. Her red dress is very similar to the Jesper Høvring dress that Crown Princess Mary wore to the Mexican state dinner.
Official photos:

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The pink dress is awful but the suit is lovely.

I have always strongly disliked the red dress, it is imo one of the ugliest dresses the queen has ever worn. The suit looks great.

The queen last Saturday at the 250th Anniversary celebration of The Royal Patriotic Association:

On Monday at the Baltic Sea Seminar in king's honour at the Royal Dramatic Theatre:

I'm not a fan for so bright colours on the queen.
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Both pink outfits are wonderful. I think the pink gown is from the 2003 Nobel Prizes which I find incredibly exquiste. Stunning details and color. The shaw is also very beautiful.
Funnily enough, I prefer the dress on the hanger than on queen Silvia (if that's the same dress of course).
The afternoon concert simple, nice outfit!

The Deum very elegant and beautiful!
I wasn't a fan of the pink outfit today. The coat looked a bit too heavy.
The pink outfit is absolutely beautiful.

Silvia tonight:


I only like the color. Like her daughters I was expecting a more impressive gown.
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