Queen Mathilde's Eveningwear Part 1: July 2013 - September 2015

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I'm not loving the colors, but she looks lovely!

Queen Mathilde looking good in a dress with stripes and a black hat at the 30.000th 'Last Post' ceremony at the Menenpoort in Ieper this evening, July 9:

** Full view ** Upper part ** Upper part 2 **
Oh, no another Natan disaster. How unflattering, nothing nice about the cut or material or fit.
Terrific smile, major millinery disappointment and what happened to the shape of the dress? The cut and style are just plain awful.
This dress on Mathilde is very pretty.
The dress is not bad at all but it would be more ideal for the cooler months.
Oh dear. Another Natan disaster! I have nothing nice to say about this dress. Even the ever lovely Mathilde cannot save this one...
I read the comments before I saw the photos, and was expecting something dreadful - but I really liked this outfit!
The fabric looks heavy, but is it just a very heavy and stiff silk?

For the traditional concert on the eve of Belgium's National Day today, July 20, Mathilde recycled the great printed dress she first wore in China:

** Full view ** Upper part ** June 2015 **
The dress is exquisite. I love the colors and print.
Love this dress, it's absolutely beautiful. Though Mathilde's choice of earrings is a bit strange, they don't match the dress at all
Love this style dress on HM. The colorful print is luscious!
Beautiful dress elegant Queen. Always Mathilde know exaclty how must look chic and elegant.
I love the colors of the dress. It looks very appropriate for the concert. Her hairstyle complements the dress, too. Truly a "Queen of the Belgians" look. She's got the look; she's got it, yeah baby she's got it!

Mathilde at the parc celebrations as part of the National Day celebrations this evening, July 21, wearing a printed dress. I think she's worn it before, but right now I can't remember when.

** Full view ** Upper part **
I love the style but the print is terrible.

For the traditional fireworks display late last night Mathilde changed into a recycled combination of blue pants and a matching blouse:

** Full view ** Upper part ** June 2015 **
Night and fireworks i think its ok :)
I like the colours and the top, lovely for the event. I think I might like it a bit more if the top were just a tiny bit longer.
I'm loving the color on her. I also like the casual hairstyle.
Lovely shade of blue on Queen Mathilde.
I dont care for the top much, I find the length a bit unflattering with the pants.

Queen Mathilde attended a gala evening in Ghent yesterday, September 9, wearing white pants and a top with a rose print. The top looks a bit old-fashioned, not my favourite from what can be seen.

** Full view ** Upper part **
I like her, i find her very elegant and i love her hair too.
The top seems a bit too heavy in the design and the shades are too strong against the white pants, I think it wouldn't have been so bad with black pants or a nice black skirt.
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