Queen Mathilde's Eveningwear Part 1: July 2013 - September 2015

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The hair is georgeous the dress is nice but i believe not flattering at all.
Unflattering dress and it looks like it is missing a top layer. From the distance, it looks like a lining of a dress. The hair is lovely!
Not keen on the dress, it makes her look wider than she is, and a bit washed out. In the first picture I thought she was wearing a purple hat - unfortunate position!
No she did not wear a hat , this were flowers for Queen Elisabeth Statue !
Yes, I realise she didn't wear a hat. As I said, unfortunate position.
Oh dear. This isn't flattering at all. There is no shape to the dress at all. Even her hair doesn't do it any favors. A shame, really, as she is such a beauty..
On television (the Concours Reine Elisabeth is entirely broadcast on a special events channel) it looked much better. Flashlights from photo-cameras can destroy a whole look. But indeed... this is a less succesfull appearance and I miss a nice glittering broche or something to spice it up a bit.
I love the dress. She looks lovely.
Mathilde is a beautiful woman. The earrings and bracelet are lovely. And THAT is all I will say about that.
May 30- Big miss. Both hair and outfit.

Queen Mathilde at the concert of the 6th, the 5th and the 4th winner of the Queen Elisabeth Competition on June 9, looking good in a Armani Privé dress:

** Pic ** April 2014 * March 2013 ** July 2011 **
It's a lovely dress but I would've loved to see a brooch with it and hair styled differently.
Is a lovely and very very chic dress for a Queen.
Very lovely and clasically elegant dress, indeed, I love the color and the style, but I agree with dazzling - it would have looked better with a different hairstyle: for me, I favor a hairstyle like that day she was with Stéphanie in the stadium viewing balcony (or something like that).
The purple dress is exquisite. The color is divine.

Queen Mathilde looking elegant during the final concert of the Queen Elisabeth Violin Competition 2015 in Brussels on June 11:

** Full view ** Upper part **
The dress is nice but does not improve the Queen's beautiful appearance, I am afraid. The colour makes her looking pale, it looks one size too small and -as usual- the Queen has done nothing to spice it up, for an example with a nice diamond broche, other bijoux or a contrasting scarf or stole. Much room for improvement.
I saw the whole great concert on TV yesterday evening.
Important Ovation for the King and the Queen
Mathilde was wonderful and her earrings were sparkling.
With a brooch it should have been too much.
Oh she was AMAZING. I agree with you maria-olivia she don't have to wore anything else is to been too much.
Mathilde looking every inch the Queen!
Different but lovely dress. Nice hair and these earrings i adore them.
I love colors but the pattern is awful.
The dress might be a bit too old for her but I love it!
I'm not a fan of Mathilde's gold dress at all. She looks nice herself, but the dress is too masculine in colour IMO.
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