Queen Mathilde's Eveningwear Part 1: July 2013 - September 2015

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Needs to be put far away in the closet.
Love the color, but not one of my favorites on Queen Mathilde.
She looks lovely in that dress, but I am not sure about harsh red lipstick with a green dress. It reminds me of a Christmas tree.:eek:

I think a deep, dusky pink lipstick would be better.
I love that dress, I only regret that lipstick.... my tastes of course !
I think the (apparent) vividness of the lipstick color is a function of the lighting in those couple of photos. In the last photo her lipstick is barely visible. Just a thought. :)

Queen Mathilde attended a reception the Royal Castle at Laeken, Brussels, today, May 19, recycling her wonderful black lace dress by Marc Philippe Coudeyre.

I think it looked better with the put-up hairstyle:

** Full view ** Upper part ** October 2014 ** July 2014 **
Beautiful, but I agree about the hair.
Love the black dress! I like her hair down, for a change.
I love it when i first show that dress . Is so beautiful.
Needs to go far back in the closet. Big miss. Don't like it at all.
Make sure they can see you :notworthy: That is the point.
It wasn't a bad dress but something was off with the cut. Nevertheless she looked good.
I'm just not a fan of the snakeskin dress look.
She looks lovely, but there is something wrong with the darts and the entire fit. She still manages to look elegant somehow...
I love it, i love it , the color is beautiful.
Loving that dress' style and colour, too. Mathilde is soo beautiful. She makes beautiful clothes more beautiful, and ugly styles look awesome! It's because of her beauty, grace,elegance and carriage.
She looks stunning! Love the simple style, the color, her hair... Perfection.
Mathilde looks great! The colour of her dress is wonderful and I like how it coordinates with Elisabeth's cardigan.
This is one of my favorite dresses of her. I love the style, and the color is divine. She looks wonderful.

Mathilde at the last session of the finals of the Queen Elisabeth Violin Competition 2015 yesterday evening, May 30:

** Full view ** Upper part **
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