Queen Mathilde's Daytime Fashion Part 6: May 2016 - March 2017

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I'm not mad about it she looks a little under dressed for a wedding compared to the other guests .Maybe Queen Mathilde only attended the evening part?
A stunning dress. I love the color.
Looks like the picture was taken after the ceremony, not in the evening. I find the dress really lovely and not too casual. But a hat would have been great. I think its the lack of hat making her look out of place and not the dress IMO.
Normally the King and the Queen of the Belgians never attend Nobility Weddings.

Queen Mathilde came , what nice from her , only to congratulate.
I thought she wore a white dress, but is was her ice-blue dress.
Mathilde's dress is beautiful. I adore the ice blue colour and her hat is nice too. This outfit has a dreamy, floaty feel.

For a meeting with Michael Bloomberg, former Mayor of New York, yesterday, June 22, Queen Mathilde recycled her great red and white Natan dress:

** Pic ** July 2013 ** July 2014 **

And today, June 23, Mathilde looked great in a recycled dress during a visit to the Centre for Human Genetics (CME) of the KU Leuven and the UZ Leuven:

** Full view ** Upper part ** Upper part 2 **
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Both looks are lovely. I love the skirt.
The red dress i dont like very much but the second appearance is very beautiful!!!!!!
Red dress I love the color and print on her. But I don't like the belt, nor the peplum feel of it.

Second look I love. The skirt is amazing:flowers:
I like very the color! The outfit is nice but this shoes definitely no!!
Lovely green outfit and ideal for the season.
The color looks good on her. Don't like the shoes as they seem too bulky for the dress.
Such a beautiful color for summer. I'm not liking the shoes too much though.
Shoes need to get in my closet right away- they're fab.
I love the colour of Mathilde's latest but that's about it. I find the outfit to be a little messy for some reason and the shoes are a little bit much with the rest of the outfit. Perhaps I can like this outfit sometime later, however for some reason as of now it's not doing much for me.
I love the color :flowers:

But not a fan of the whole bolero length matching coat over the dress. It looks messy IMO, probably because the dress looks to be empire waist, so the seems give it an odd look. And I hate the belt on it, it is horrid.

The shoes I quite like and think they go well.:)
:previous: It looks as if Mathilde called Maxima to ask her for fashion advice, this reminds me of something that Maxima would wear. The turban isn't for me, though the colours of the dress are nice together but I'm not too enthused about the design of the dress.
Mathilde and Maxima often look like they share a closet. They wear the same designers and often own the same pieces or similar.

Those turban hats are right up there with fascinators for me in the need to be burned pile, just below pillbox. I like both colors, but I find the mixing of two such bright colors too much. Perhaps it is just the pattern which I am not a fan of:ermm:
Great colors but not the print.
What an incredibly ugly dress and turban. The dress' print is not pretty and neither is the cut. Orange and blue are complimentary colors but it doesn't work.

The dress Queen Mathilde wore in Tongeren yesterday is a recycled one by Natan (so not much surprising that it reminds of Máxima's fashion choices;)).

** May 2015 **

For a meeting with the President of Argentina Mauricio Macri and his wife at the Royal Palace in Brussels today, July 4, Mathilde wore a new dress in light pink and an orange print:

** Full view ** Full view 2 ** Upper part **
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Queen Mathilde looking great in a lovely summer dress at an Eurochild conference in Brussels today, July 5:

** Full view ** Upper part **
Exactly that! A very lovely dress!!
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