Queen Mathilde's Daytime Fashion Part 4: March 2015 - September 2015

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I like the dress. Not having sleeves doesn't make a difference. I like the way Maxima did it better- she had more- I don't know the word.
Oh wow, Queen Mathilde looks so beautiful in that dress - such a lovely design and a perfect style for a formal event on a sunny day!
Wonderful summery dress and fabulous hat. I even like the draping sleeves. Love it.
Look light blue rather than white to me. She looks lovely regardless.
It looks like light blue tbh. It looks great on her, but I'm not sure about the draping.
The TV commentators had a press release saying the dress is an ice blue Natan and the hat is a sea green Fabienne Delvigne.

Very beautiful on this hot day.
Nathan , (Mr E. Vermeulen) said the dress is vert d'eau.(see green)
Same color for hat and dress : just wonderful !
Mathilde looks fabulous, one of her nicest daytime looks ever, IMO. Love, love, love the hat.
She looks so lovely- regal and elegant.
I'm not so keen on the back. Love the front and the color though.
It is nice to see Queen Mathilde wearing a wide-brimmed hat. Light colour is appropriate for summer. The dress is totally spoilt by a cape, which envelopes Queen Mathilde's figure.
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Elegant and stylish in the light color. Love the hat! Near perfection from the front but the back view spoiled the look somewhat.
A nice, summery appearance and, indeed... as counts for almost every lady: brimmed hats are usually so much more flattering than those silly fascinators. It is a pity Mathilde did not spice her look with a nice historic jewel, but okay, one of her best looks.

She wore Queen Fabiola's earrings......

I think Duc may mean something on the dress itself. I usually hope for a brooch, but Mathilde's dress is of such a fine fabric, a brooch would be too heavy this time. Also, because the design of the dress is interesting I think the lovely earrings are enough on their own.
A very elegant and polished look on Queen Mathilde!
This year the Queen wore a better hat. Last year she wore a huge red hat and General Van de Put, the King's General, could not see a lot of the Defilé.
The front of the dress and the cape was really nice but when I sew the back of the dress, I was very disappointed, it ruined it for me. The wide brim hat was lovely and a nice change.
Lovely look, especially the hat and earrings. I love the light fabric, looks like silk crepe to me, and adore the back interest.
Oh my- how could I forget that orange ensemble?;)
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A nice and elegant outfit for Queen Mathilde who brought Prince Emmanuel to his first day at school after the summer holidays today, September 1:

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