Queen Margrethe's 70th Birthday Celebrations: March-June 2010

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There was (yet another) ;) Margrethe documentary on TV, with interviews with AM, Benedikte, and Henrik. The preview is at www.tv2.dk, near the bottom of the page, Bam og Dronningen under Vi anbelfar. Could a Dane summarize what they are saying? :flowers: Benedikte seems quite emotional.
article and video from tv2.dk
the guest are talking about something (probably about Queen, I don't understand Danish:ermm:) and we can see CP couple and the Queen and Prince Consort
According to the royal website Joachim, Marie and Benedikte should be there as well. I hope to see pictures soon!
The Queen and Mary look gorgeous.
all the ladies look lovely, but i think marie dazzles! her dress is lovely, the colour is perfect on her and i just love the hair down like that.
Thanks so much for the speech with the Queen. She looks so gorgeous. Those pearls...OMG!! Mary looks stunning, I also thought she would wear red... like minds!! I'm glad she pulled out her South Sea pearls, we haven't seen those for awhile. Thanks for all the wonderful pics!!!!!!
Thank you all for posting the lovely pics!! I can't wait for the rest of the celebration and the other gala dinner with all the other royal families!

CP Mary looks stunning as always and it's wonderful to see that she's recycled her clothes cos isn't this red gown the same as red gown she wore for her engagement dinner? Nice!

I visted Norway and Denmark last June - my dream holiday! During my visit to Denmark, I naturally visited all the palaces and got a chance to see close up the tiaras..now when I see these pics, it brings back warm memories and how close I was to viewing those stunning jewels...
I think Margrethe and Mary both look stunning - although I'm surprised to see them both in such a similar color. Marie's dress I don't like at all. It's too big and bulky, sort of like it's wearing her.
when i see the photos of the tables , it is a small blue box next to each plate i presume a souvenir from the Queen, wish we could see it!
Her Majesty looks absolutely stunning as does her sister in dramatic blue. The Crown Princess is very elegant and Marie has disappointed me in that dress. The long sleeves ruin the look. Now to look forward to more galas. I was hoping that Queen Anne Marie would attend tonight.
I dindn't like Marie's dress either. But I'm really looking forward to Friday. I think it's going to be even better than yesterday, also because other Royals are attending =)
Could someone summarize what is said in the youtube video? They all seem to think it's very funny.
Do you think that Marie's and Mary's parents also are invited?
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