Princess Benedikte's 80th Birthday Celebrations: April - June 2024

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Feb 4, 2007
On Monday 29:th April, Princess Benedikte celebrates her 80:th birthday.

While the actual birthday will be celebrated privately with family and friends, the Danish Royal House has today announced the planned celebratory events surrounding the birthday.

Looking forward to the 24 April: Official opening of the exhibition “Princess Dresses” at Koldinghus.
Benedikte has a very elegant style.
The birthday dinner at Sølyst organized by Princess Benedikte's equestrian sport patronages is taking place this evening, April 19:

Today, April 24, the opening of the exhibition “Princess Dresses” took place at Koldinghus.

Princess Benedikte, Count Ingolf and Countess Sussie attended:

One of the most continuously elegant Royal Ladies must have some collection of dresses for the Exhibition.
Princess Benedikte has given a birthday interview for this week's issue of Danish magazine Billed Bladet and posed for some lovely photos:

Sad that we cannot see which Princess wore this very dresses.
Can anyone who was able to read the interview share what she said?
Today is Princess Benedikte's 80th birthday!

The Palace has shared a lovely new portrait:

Her Royal Highness Princess Benedikte has a birthday and turns 80 today 🇩🇰On the occasion of the Princess's round day, a new picture of Her Royal Highness is published. The picture was taken in Christian VIII's Palace at Amalienborg. In the same place, Princess Benedikte will be celebrated today by family and close friends.Via the Royal Palace's social media, it is possible to send Princess Benedikte a greeting on the occasion of the round day.

And a look back on her life so far:

That's a wonderful new photo to mark the milestone birthday!
I expected her to celebrate her birthday at Berleburg instead of Amalienborg as her immediate family was already there for the confirmation yesterday.
"Princess Benedikte reveals: Holding a private party at Amalienborg
But now Princess Benedikte reveals that the celebration will take place at home at Amalienborg, where she has invited several royal characters to the table.
"I spend my birthday with my daughters, my grandchildren, both my sisters and close friends at Amalienborg. We will toast together and eat dinner," Princess Benedikte told the German newspaper Siegener Zeitung, according to Billed-Bladet."

When I read this, I was wondering why Gustuv wouldn't attend, we now know Gustav and Carina welcomed a new baby recently.
How lovely that this time it is princess (fürstin) Benedikte that is celebrated!
Love the photo of the 3 sisters! Over time they have been more united then ever.
If I remember correctly, it was after their mother's death that they became closer.
Love the photo of the 3 sisters! Over time they have been more united then ever.
If I remember correctly, it was after their mother's death that they became closer.
Yes, it is a lovely photo of the three of them. It is nice to see their close bond. Hope Princess Benedikte had a lovely birthday.
It was. In particular Benedikte and QMII because Queen Anne-Marie's husband was increasingly getting pretty frail.
It's my impression that the sisters see each other pretty often by now and who knows? Perhaps Queen Anne-Marie will move in at Amalienborg as well? There are after all advantages in the three sisters sticking together. Keeps them active and prevents them from feeling old, which could very well be the case if they just sat around in a mansion of their own.
Wonderful photo of the 3 sisters!
The Royal Couple invited Her Royal Highness Princess Benedikte and her family to a birthday lunch at Frederik VIII's palace in Amalienborg today.

Glad to see that also her eldest grandchildren were included in the lunch.
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