Queen Silvia's 80th Birthday: December 23, 2023

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Imperial Majesty
Jun 22, 2007
Queen Silvia's 80th birthday fundraiser for the benefit of Ukraine's children
In connection with Queen Silvia's 80th birthday, the Queen has chosen to start a fundraiser for the benefit of Ukraine's children through Världens Barn campaign.
All gifts given in the Queen's fundraising box will, according to the Queen's wishes, go to projects for children suffering from mental illness in Ukraine.
The fundraising is open until 31/12 2023.
Drottning Silvias 80-årsinsamling till förmån för Ukrainas barn

Press release from Radiohjälpen today:
In connection with "Världens Children - Startskottet" on SVT tonight, H.M. Queen Silvia launched a special fundraising for the benefit of Ukraine's children within Radiohjälpen's Världens Barn campaign. The fundraising will be a significant and unique way to pay attention to the Queen's 80th birthday celebration.
"We are grateful for the Queen's great commitment to Ukraine's children who suffer enormously," says Kristina Henschen, Secretary General of Radiohjälpen. "Giving a birthday gift that alleviates children's suffering is the best gift."
During the TV gala ”Tillsammans för Världens Barn” ("Together for the Children of the World") on Saturday 7 October, Queen Silvia is a guest on the broadcast and talks about her commitment to Ukraine's children. The gala is broadcast live on SVT1 and on SVT Play at 20:00-22:00.
Drottningen startar insamling till Ukrainas barn genom Radiohjälpen _ Radiohjälpen
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I bet she will celebrate in private because of the jubilee year having been a big event.
Silvia is really dedicated to children everywhere. It's touching to see the way it's a lifelong commitment for her.
In connection with the fundraiser of her 80th birthday, Queen Silvia participates this evening in SVT's program "Världens barn" (Children of the World) at 20.00.

Fredrik Önnevall and Farah Abadi take the lead when the whole country participates tonight in a fundraiser for Världens barn - Sweden's broadest and Radiohjälpen's largest fundraiser for children's rights around the world. A string of artists and guests take part, including H.M. Queen Silvia, Måns Zelmerlöw, Per Andersson, Oscar Zia, Clara Klingenström and Joanné Nugas.
Link to the program
Världens Barn – Tillsammans för Världens Barn _ SVT Play

Queen Silvia was just at the studio and she was interviewed

Profimedia gallery

Drottningen startar insamling till förmån för Ukrainas barn _ Kungahuset
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King Carl Gustaf and queen Silvia attend on Sunday November 5 a concert at the Drottningholm Palace Chapel on the occasion of the Queen's 80th birthday.
Officiella program _ Kungahuset

King Carl Gustaf and queen Silvia attend on Thursday November 30 a concert at Lilla Akademien on the occasion of the Queen's 80th birthday. Queen Silvia is the patron of Lilla Akademien.
Officiella program _ Kungahuset
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Will be published on 24th October 2023

Ingrid Thörnqvist's book ”Yrke: Drottning – Makten och möjligheterna” ("Occupation: Queen The power and the possibilities") is published tomorrow.
To find out how the Queen uses her role to influence important social issues, journalist Ingrid Thörnqvist has followed the Queen's everyday work for a year.
Yrke_ drottning _ Ingrid Thörnqvist _ Norsteds

For almost 50 years, she has worked side by side with the King. Queen Silvia turns 80 in December and she is said to be one of Europe's hardest working Queens.
Now she is being recognized with the book ”Yrke: Drottning – Makten och möjligheterna” by journalist and author Ingrid Thörnqvist.
- It is rare to describe her work effort, says Ingrid Thörnqvist.
It took some time before Ingrid Thörnqvist got the decision about getting to follow the Queen at her work.
- Once you have been welcomed to come along, doors open. Everyone I met really wanted to tell me about the Queen.
Throughout 2022, Thörnqvist was the only journalist allowed to attend when the Queen had board meetings, traveled abroad and visited her organizations. No other reporter has previously been granted access to the closed boardrooms. The image of the Queen in the book differs from the more arranged and polished surface. For instance, the Queen came cycling to a board meeting at Silviahemmet, wearing a cap and a down vest.
Thörnqvist says that Queen Silvia has decided to use her royal role to do something good with the time she has. She seems to follow her informal motto: "You can if you want, and you must if you have the opportunity".
Ingrid Thörnqvist har skrivit boken Yrke_ Drottning
Silvias okända sidor och hemligheter avslöjas i ny bok - Allt om kungligt
Svensk Damtidning has read Ingrid Thörnqvist's book ”Yrke: Drottning – Makten och möjligheterna”.

Ingrid Thörnqvist says she has the feeling that she was allowed to write the book because the court and the Queen wanted to shed light on what she actually does. That she has a genuine commitment. The Queen is very well-read. At the meetings she always asked detailed questions. Thörnqvist was suprised that the Queen is so personally active, she doesn't just lend her name. The Queen has has a spontaneous side and a lot of self-distance and humor. But she is very careful about what she says. And she is very focused on the person in front of her.
Thörnqvist interviewed Madeleine and got the impression that she feels that she should relieve her mother a little more. But the Queen doesn't want to let it go, she's so passionate about Childhood. And the Queen says that Madeleine has small children that she needs to be with, and Madeleine wants to consider that the Queen wants to work, she is not ready to stop.
Drottning Silvias hemliga sidor avslöjas i ny bok _*Svensk Dam

The Queen appears to be completely tireless at her work with Silviahemmet, Mentor and Childhood – but perhaps not only in a positive way. She is probably pushing herself too hard. The director of the information department Margareta Thorgren and First Lady of the Court Anna Hamilton told to Thörnqvist:
"They talk in a confidential tone and with respect in their voice about how much the Queen works. She is deeply involved in her issues, she hardly sleeps, she sends SMS at four in the morning. The Queen does not seem to need as many hours of sleep as others".
Anna Hamilton admits that she puts her mobile phone on silent and reads the SMS first thing in the morning.
Princess Christina says that they are approaching an age when human judgment cannot bear as much. Christina hopes the Queen realizes that before she really walks into a wall. Perhaps it is a weakness that she does not know her own limitations. She wants to do everything.
Drottning Silvia skickar sms mitt i natten – oron _*Svensk Dam

A King who is so dependent on his wife that he climbs the walls when she is not home.
And a Queen who adores her husband, but who also drives him crazy when she misses the times and is late.
Princess Christina says that the Queen had no idea what she was getting herself into. And her brother wasn't very helpful, she says unexpectedly honestly about Silvia's first tentative time as queen.
Thörnqvist asks why did it take so long for them to get married? Princess Christina answers: My brother simply couldn't make up his mind.
Princess Christina says that she and the Queen are close friends. She admires Silvia immensely, honestly mostly for putting up with living with her little brother. He is not always easy, admits Princess Christina.
Prinsessan Christinas ord – om Silvias äktenskap med kungen _*Svensk Dam
Not the first time we get hints that the king isn"t an easy man.
Ingrid Thörnqvist was interviewed about her book ”Yrke: Drottning – Makten och möjligheterna” ("Occupation: Queen The power and the possibilities") and the Queen's work at TV4 News morning on Sunday October 29.

Thörnqvist says that the Queen's calendar is incredibly busy, it is published on the court's website. But there are only a few things that are published, in fact there are many, many more. She said about the Queen's work load that when she spoke to the Queen's close associates, it is hinted a little between the lines, someone said that the Queen usually gets a bit of a cold before Christmas, and Thörnqvist interpreted that more as that she is probably completely exhausted after everything.
Thörnqvist tells about the Queen at the German Women's Club, which she inherited from Princess Sibylla. The Queen is there every year and they also collect money for Childhood, so she is there and sings German Christmas carols and eats German Christmas cookies and hangs out with these women. Then you also notice that she enjoys it, she likes to talk to people, she likes to be out a lot. They have lived like this, she has been queen for 47 years and Thörnqvist is convinced that she has been like this the whole time.
Drottning Silvias arbete skildras i ny bok_ ”Hon är väldigt cool”
The autumn holiday week ends today.
King Carl Gustaf, Queen Silvia, Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel attended this evening a concert in Drottningholm Palace Chapel, on the occasion of the Queen's 80th birthday. Usually the concert is arranged on the Queen's birthday 23rd December.
ANP gallery
Profimedia gallery

Kungafamiljen tillbaka från semestern _ Svensk Dam
Victorias oberäkneliga beteende på Drottningholm _ Svensk Dam

Nice to see Victoria and Daniel at the concert too, only the King and Queen were listed to attend at the calendar.
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The World Childhood Foundation Sweden at its website
Give a Christmas Gift that protects children in Ukraine from sexual abuse
On December 23, Childhood's founder H.M. Queen Silvia turns 80 years. Before her birthday, the Queen has a big wish – support Childhood's work to protect the children affected by the war in Ukraine.
Ge en julgåva som skyddar barnen i Ukraina mot sexuella övergrepp - World Childhood Foundation


The Queen's Celebration
The birthday concert in the Royal Chapel on Drottningholm, which normally takes place on December 23, has already taken place on November 5.
November 16
The Care about the Children Foundation holds a seminar and the Queen gives her thanks.
November 29
Childhood has a board meeting with representatives of all countries. Ends with a big dinner at the palace.
November 30
Lilla Akademin pays tribute to the queen with a concert. All the Queen's Foundations are invited.
Tribute programs on both SVT and TV4 will be broadcast during December.
20 and 21 December
Official Sweden can congratulate the Queen at receptions.
December 23
The Queen's birthday is celebrated with a private dinner at Drottningholm Palace.

Margareta Thorgren says that they have already started to pay attention to the birthday. A lot will be about the Queen's various foundations that she wants to be in focus. A concert took already place in the Royal Chapel at Drottningholm Palace. There were many international musicians present and an event with special guests.
The 80th birthday on December 23 will be celebrated at Drottningholm Palace with a private dinner.
Today, a seminar will be held with the Care about the Children Foundation. It was started in connection with the Queen's 70th birthday and has worked to help vulnerable children in various situations. The seminar means a thank you from the Queen and an end to the foundation.
On November 29, there is a board meeting with the Childhood Foundation, which exists in many countries and where representatives are now on site. It ends with a dinner at the Royal Palace, and the birthday will also be celebrated here.
On November 30, Lilla Akademin also pays tribute to the Queen with a concert.
The Queen herself would like money to be donated to her fundraiser for Ukraine's children who suffer from mental illness due to the war.
On December 20 and 21, it is time for receptions where official Sweden can congratulate the Queen.
Thorgren says that Madeleine and her family will also be at home to celebrate the Queen, the whole family will be gathered.
Så firas drottning Silvias födelsedag när hon fyller 80 Aftonbladet
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Queen Silvia, Victoria and Sofia attend today Care about the Children Foundation's seminar at the Bernadotte Library at the Royal Palace.
The event is one of the events the court tells Queen Silvia celebrates her 80th birthday with.
ANP gallery

CATCH Closing Seminar and Queen Silvia’s Thank You on 16 November
H. M. Queen Silvia’s Foundation – Care About the Children was started in connection with the Queen’s 70th birthday. During the ten years it has been active, it has worked to help vulnerable children by supporting children’s rights organizations active in various subject areas, and all of which follow the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.
The seminar is a thank you and appreciation from Queen Silvia and marks an end to the Foundation.
CATCH Closing Seminar and Queen Silvia’s Thank You on 16 November _ HMD

H. M. The Queen's opening speech at CATCH's closing ceremony
H.M. Drottningens inledande tal vid CATCH_s avslutningsceremoni _ Kungahuset

H. M. The Queen's closing speech at CATCH's closing ceremony
H.M. Drottningens avslutande tal vid CATCH_s avslutningsceremoni _ Kungahuset
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A special website for Queen Silvia's 80th birthday at the Royal Court's website:

The photo:
The Queen at the Jubilee visit to Västernorrland 8 May 2023. Photo: Clément Morin/The Royal Court

Congratulations at the Royal Palace
For those authorities, academies, organizations or the like who wish to congratulate the Queen, occasions are planned for 20 and 21 December.

Gifts in connection with H.M. The Queen's 80th birthday
Världens Barn – Radiohjälpen
The Queen wishes to focus primarily on projects in Ukraine for children suffering from mental illness as a result of the ongoing full-scale invasion. In light of this, Radiohjälpen has started a collection within the Världens Barn – Radiohjälpen campaign with a mark "Drottningen".
H.M. Drottningen 80 år _ Kungahuset
I bet she will celebrate in private because of the jubilee year having been a big event.

She will be celebrated properly… Nothing nearly the scale of the golden jubilee ofcourse and without foreign royals - but some type of public occasion for the general public to celebrate her, it will definitely be.

She is immensely popular so no public events at all for her 80:th birthday would cause a public outrage here in Sweden
King Carl Gustaf, queen Silvia, prince Carl Philip and princess Madeleine attend on Thursday November 30 a concert at Lilla Akademien on the occasion of the Queen's 80th birthday. Queen Silvia is the patron of Lilla Akademien.
The Crown Princess Couple is on an official visit to UK.
Officiella program _ Kungahuset
Queen Silvia, King Carl Gustaf, Prince Carl Philip, Princess Madeleine, Princess Benedikte and Tord Magnuson attend this evening a concert at Lilla Akademien on the occasion of Queen Silvia's 80th birthday.
ANP gallery
Profimedia gallery
SPA photos
SPA photos

Här strålar Madeleine på nya bilderna – dyker upp på Silvias firande! _*Svensk Dam
Prinsessan Madeleine hemma i Sverige igen! - GALA magasin

It feels great, the Queen answers the question about how she feels about turning 80.
The Queen was treated to choir singing, a string orchestra and a poetry reading, and when a fast-paced samba train entered the stage, it picked up speed in the hall and the royals clapped along and smiled.
The evening ended fittingly enough with Abbas's classic "Dancing queen" and Madeleine sang along to the familiar lyrics while the Queen contented herself with liking to the music. Last but not least, the Queen was congratulated with "Happy birthday" and afterwards the Queen went to thank everyone who celebrated her before the big day.
Silvia smygstartade 80-årsfirandet – med konsert _ Kungligt _ Expressen

Court website
The concert, which was arranged by Lilla Akademien, was the Queen's thanks to the foundations of which the Queen is the founder:
World Childhood Foundation
The Foundation Queen Silvia's Jubilee Fund
The Silviahemmet foundation
Care about the Children
Queen Silvia's foundation for scientific research and education
The evening began with the Queen giving a speech and thanking the foundations for the work they have done over the years.
Kungafamiljen vid Lilla Akademiens konsert _ Kungahuset

The Queen speecn (in english)
H.M. Drottningens tal vid konsert med anledning av Drottningens 80-årsdag _ Kungahuset

The Queen said yesterday at her speech
"After the concert HM the King and I are happy to invite you to a drink."

Tord Magnuson was also there and when Svensk Damtidning reaches him, it is clear that the Queen was both moved and had a very lovely party:
- Silvia was super happy with the evening. It was only positive, so much fun, says Tord to reporter Alex Hartelius.
Drottning Silvia om sin hemliga 80-årsfest_ ”Mingelparty” _*Svensk Dam

SPA's video from the concert
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I am hoping we will see the Queen's Scandinavian neighbors for the birthday festivities.
How many of Queen Silvia's Sommerlath relatives will come to celebrate her birthday?
I am hoping we will see the Queen's Scandinavian neighbors for the birthday festivities.

How many of Queen Silvia's Sommerlath relatives will come to celebrate her birthday?

The Royal Court has told that the Queen's birthday is celebrated with a private dinner at Drottningholm Palace. So I'm quite sure the court doesn't publish a guest list or tell who is invited - only the closest relatives or a larger group of guests.
Receptions on 20 and 21 December are organized for authorities, academies, organizations or the like who wish to congratulate the Queen.
Some photos from the program ”Silvia – Mitt liv som drottning” ("Silvia - My life as the Queen"), broadcast on TV4 and TV4 play, Premiere December 25 at 20.00.
The Queen is interviewed by Christian Arnet, the producer of TV4's acclaimed documentary series "Tronen", broadcast in connection with the King's 50th Jubilee.
Silvia - Mitt liv som drottning - se fina bilder! - GALA magasin
German Julia Melchior interviewed Queen Silvia yesterday
"Come with me to Queen Silvia! An exclusive interview with the Queen is a rare privilege. The Queen of Sweden welcomed us to the palace for our new documentary.
Only the best of the best can take part in a shoot like this. Thank you @tobiascorts and @dave_powell_photo for the fantastic shots of the queen, Jonas Lindskog from @ljudfadernab for the sound and @lars.e.roland for composing the images in this masterful editing. I consider myself lucky to be working with you. You are the best!
The documentary "Silvia. Sweden's German Queen" you can see on Sunday, December 17, at 23.45 p.m. on Terra X History on ZDF or from December 17 at any time in the ZDF media library."

Königin Silvia von Schweden wird 80 - SWR4
Queen Silvia has given an interview to Kyrkans Tidning, an editorially independent newspaper with the Church of Sweden and ecclesiastical issues as its main areas of coverage. The interview was done on 6th November at Drottningholm Palace.

Queen Silvia gains strength from her faith
The Queen turns 80 on December 23. Exclusively for Kyrkans Tidning, she talks about a life in the service of the kingdom, tireless work with a special focus on children and the vulnerable. (..)
A lot more here:
Drottning Silvia får styrka av sin tro _ Kyrkans Tidning


Julia Melchior's documentary "Silvia. Sweden's German Queen" at ZDF.
In addition to queen Silvia, among others, princess Birgitta's daughter Désirée von Bohlen und Halbach, Elisabeth Tarras-Wahlberg and Anne-Aymone Giscard d'Estaing are interviewed.
Silvia - Schwedens deutsche Königin - ZDFmediathek

Queen Silvia has on several occasions described her grandchildren as the dessert of life. As queen, it is often difficult to find time for the family, the royal calendar is full throughout the year.

Drottning Silvia hämtar sina barnbarn på skolan Aftonbladet
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The King and Queen have this morning attended the first reception on the occasion of H.M. The Queen's 80th birthday.

Gift from the Riksdag and the Government
Speaker Andreas Norlén and Minister for Foreign Affairs Tobias Billström congratulated The Queen with a gift from the Riksdag and the government: a unique version of jeweler and artist Aviva Scheiman's artwork Queen's Gambit, a table ornament with a silver piece and an accompanying chessboard created by Åsa Pärson.
Speaker Andreas Norlén: We want to pay attention to a fantastic representative of our country. Our hope is that the gift will contribute to the decoration of the Palace with an object that highlights our Queen.
Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson: The Queen is a true guide and over the years has been a pioneer in drawing attention to difficult but important issues. Let this gift become a symbol of a strong female role model and a symbol of Sweden. Or as the artist herself described her craft - "a bridge between past, present and future".
Gåva från riksdagen och regeringen med anledning av H.M. Drottning Silvias 80-årsdag - Regeringen.se

Speaker Andreas Norlén and Minister for Foreign Affairs Tobias Billström with the King and Queen.

This is how the artists describe their work:
- The woman at the top symbolizes freedom, a fundamental value for our country. The balloons symbolize the Queen's deep commitment to children and children's rights, and the pearl symbolizes the Queen's appearances as a representative of Sweden. The tower, with City Hall as a model, stands for Stockholm, and the blue and yellow colors represent Sweden.
Här avslöjas Silvias 80-årspresent – från svenska folket _*Svensk Dam

ANP gallery

Det fick drottningen Silvia i present _ Kungligt _ Expressen
Silvias första present inför födelsedagen – det fick hon - Allt om kungligt

Court website
During the reception, the Queen received the Speaker of the Riksdag Andreas Norlén and Minister for Foreign Affairs Tobias Billtröm. Subsequently, the Queen was congratulated by academies and organizations in which the Queen is involved.
Drottningen uppvaktades inför födelsedagen _ Kungahuset

The royal court published a short video from the first reception
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