Queen Margrethe's 70th Birthday Celebrations: March-June 2010

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Another royal event for her birthday.
Thanks for the pics. :flowers:

Summary of article in Billed Bladet #21, 2010.
Margrethe to hele familien med - Margrethe brought the entire family with her.
Written by Annelise Weimann.

The celebrations in connection with QMII's 70th birthday are not quite finished yet. This time the Royal Lifeguard Regiment invited her, with family, to a concert in Tivoli.

The DRF arrived at the entrance to Tivoli and walked through the park in style. OMII & PH in front of course, escorted by the colonel of the regiment, Lasse Harkjær.
The rest of the DRF followed behind, each couple having been allocated an escort, in the shape of a guards officer of an appropriate rank. - And of course and adjutant.
- And staff from the park, uniformed police officers, PET, civillian and military guests, photographers. Quite a display in fact. :lol:
No wonder the other guests looked.

Anyway, the whole idea was for the DRF to listen to the Royal Lifeguard Band (*) and the DRF and 1.800 paying spectators were treated to a varied show.
The Tivoli Big Band was also playing and Nikolaj Koppel played "Rhapsody in Blue". QMII was treated to a potpurri over music from the past 70 years, she had especially requested which were to be played:

YouTube - Skibet skal sejle i nat - Birthe Wilke & Gustav Winckler

YouTube - Dansevise
- Pure 50's and 60's nostalgia.

The surplus from the concert went to Støtte Til Soldater og Pårørende = and organisation supporting soldiers and relatives of soldiers. (**)

After concert the party walked to the restaurant The Paul, also located in Tivoli, where they were treated with a delicious menu. (***)
They were actually having a great time there! No wonder perhaps, as the entire family, including Benedikte and Anne-Marie are not together at the same time that often. They stayed well past the Tivoli closing time
at 23.00 and only left at 02.00.

It's amusing to look at the pics of the DRF walking through the park. La Marie and Joachim holding hands as befits the enchanting couple.
Frederik looking casually dapper, with Mary's arm under his.
- And Margrethe and Henrik, who as always simply cannot figure out how to walk arm in arm. It always look akward and they both lead.

(*) Although professional musicians it's a regimental band. The only one left back I believe and as such the regiment was host and not the armed forced or a branch of the armed forces.

(**) An organisation of particular relevans to the Royal Lifeguard as the regiment has the highest casualty rate of the units in Afghanistan.

(***) It better taste good at those prices!
The city of Århus has celebrated Queen Margrethe's birthday today.

Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik arrived with the royal yacht and
the birthday celebrations started with an official reception at the
quay and a carriage ride thorugh the town. A music and sport show
called "Congratulations Queen of Denmark" was shown at the NRGi
Park, a dinner and a gala performance in the evening followed.

Here's a large gallery from stiften.dk!
I just happened to come across this rather brief, but oh so charming glimpse of Mary (and Frederik) at the royal theatre for Queen Margrethe's 70 Birthday.

Mary's reaction upon acknowledging someone familiar is nothing short of adorable!

YouTube - gala clip 1
That's cute - she's so expressive. I wonder who she sees? :)
That is such a beautiful reaction. :flowers:
At least they have earned what they waste.

I repeat, I didn´t mean to start a discussion. I´m only stating my opinion of how exaggerated all these celebrations are (for those who wanted to know what on earth I´m doing here). It´s nothing against the Danish, If the one-week celebration took place somewhere else, it would be as scandalous for me.

Btw, read some surveys, because the support towards monarchy is decreasing everywhere, and such extravagance does not help much.

Apart from that, if people are glad to pay more and more cost for the Crown, I´ll be watching the circus and commenting. Is it that terrible?

Monarchies are hardly as wasteful as they used to be, and the ones that still do exist bring much attention and money into countries that would otherwise receive little interest on the international stage.

I grew up in a staunchly democratic household (my mother is Swiss, and they eliminated their Zahringen dukes a LONG time ago), so I am well accustomed to defending my monarchism. I have long lived abroad in both monarchies and (mostly) democracies, and have seen that a monarch first and foremost serves to unify a country and is (ideally) above politics.

Perhaps the way to frame this was that the use of such money in hard times is inappropriate, rather than saying that these people are disgusting and what have you. But the idealism that birthright can be completely eliminated is ridiculous, because even in the most democratic of countries, those born to priviledge often keep it, and the same is true of the lower classes.

And after this celebration...

...that golden boat at the wedding of Crown Princess Victoria must have made your blood boil.
Does anyone have the link to the birthday video at the Fredensborg dinner, where after Frederik makes his speech to his mother, Mary runs up to him and gives him a congratulatory kiss and he pulls a face...I would like to watch that series of events ;)
There are a couple of clips of the birthday on you tube - including the one you are referring to.
I have looked (obviously) which is why I came to here to ask for help and the easy option ;)
Thank you for all the wonderful pictures and information. That must of been some party, if anybody knows how to throw a party, I would say that Queen Margrethe would win hands down. I want to find all the places to go to read and see all the gorgeous clothes and jewels the ladies wore, this party leaves me drooling :ohmy::ohmy:
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