Queen Letizia's Evening Wear Part 7: July 2022 -

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Letitia's classic LBD is, as are most, the bones on which the wearer bases her "look", but in this case there are too many bones left showing. While the dress has an almost lamé, metallic or sequined look, unfortunately, that is where the overall sparkle ended. Almost like she forgot to finish putting her jewellery on.

The elegant but deep neckline demanded a necklace instead of just looking just like an empty, unfinished space. Necklines that deep and wide are designed to frame a necklace or pendant. On the positive side, Letizia's hair was an improvement and looked like a professional had styled it instead of the ratty front and into a stringy, unbrushed ponytail.
That dress is just everything on her. Even without the updo.

(Although, once again, wavy hair really, really suits her and perhaps she should consider keeping it for awhile...)
Its a nice dress and good hairstyle but different earrings would be nice.

Yes its nice but needed a bit of stronger jewellery more stand out earrings/bracelet and glam up an banal look.
Queen Letizia in white at the "Francisco Cerecedo" journalism awards in Madrid this evening, November 27:

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The outfit is alright but Letizia's hair is not nice in that style and looks too severe.
A really slick look on Queen Letizia,great hairstyle and and beautiful earrings too.
The outfit is nice but her hairstyle is very severe looking.
I like the jacket and the earrings! Yes hair is very dark and severe.
Love the suit but it needs something to make it less dramatic.
The blouse looks better with the coat on as on its own it looks like a used life-jacket!
look the queens outfit !
Very lovely. Her hair looks full of body- those curls suit her.
Beautiful look! I wouldn't normally care for the bottom part of the outfit but it looks wonderful on Letizia.
The skirt and belt are the 2 worst offenders and they don't do anything for that black top.
it looks like the same arrival outfit.
Not the best fashion start to the Dutch visit.
The shirt is horrible and looks like plastic
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