Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie's Fashion and Style Part 5: January 2013 - May 2014

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I don't care for Beatrice's outfit, it looks all floppy and as if she's attending a funeral instead of a celebration.

Eugenie looks nice but the hat doesn't go with the dress; makes the whole thing jarring, imo.
What on earth is Beatrice wearing??? It looks like something Wally Simpson would wear. Eugenie looks very nice, love the color. The hat has got to go.
Eugenie and Sophie should switch outfits. That might make things a little better. Beatrice should have worn something lighter and less stoic, that navy outfit is way to somber for this occasion. She is celebrating the Queen, her Granny, not going to her funeral. Not too fond of with either's choice of head wear. Eugenie needs some serious help to dress her age and poor Beatrice either gets it "spot on" or she is way off.
Princess Beatrice looks fantastic! I love everything, head to toe. I'm not as in love with Princess Eugenie's choice though she doesn't look bad.
I loved the turquoise color on Eugenie and the style looks great on her, but I really dislike all the zippers and metal studs on the jacket. That clutch looks lovely. Bea's outfit is too heavy and dark a look for her, especially at this occasion and season.
They both look great!
I wish Eug had gone all-in with the color pairing and wore dark purple shoes with the outfit. As is, it looks disjointed.
...I loved that Beatrice's hat and lipstick matched...

Princess Beatrice, Derby Day at Epsom 1 June 2013
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Princess Eugenie at the wedding of Rupert Finch and Lady Natasha Rufus Isaacs in Gloucester on June 8, 2013, wearing an eye-catching dress with roses - something special, I like it:

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Love this. Cannot say why, but I do.
I like that dress a lot. The color, the print- I think it's fantastic.
I love the dress, and the white jacket balances it out. Nicely done, Eugenie.
Good God, she looks like a float. It is awful and the York sisters continue to have some of the ugliest outfits, on earth. And a wedding, she looks like she is going to a supermarket opening.
Can't say I hate it. It's very bold and she looks better then I have seen her. It seems a little old somehow for her.
Good grief she looks as big as a house. The only redeeming thing about this outfit is her pretty smile..
We of the older generation can never get used to such short skirts, even though I think this outfit is one of her most attractive. She should wear more "rose" and white rather than her more typical blue. I read that her friend Jake Warren got engaged to Zoe Stewart. Maybe that information is not supposed to go in this blog. She has many friends, and many weddings to go to.
I don't like Beatrice's coat but do like her hat.
Eugenie's outfit isn't very attractive.
The girls don't seem to have very good style for clothing. I rarely see them in something that suits them.

I couldn't agree more, Pranter. Such a shame, really..
Yes it is...I don't understand it.

The girls do try, but the majority of times just don't get it right. This is one of those times. But I really liked Bea's gray coat she wore when visiting her grandfather.
Bea looked a like she was a Victorian caroler or something from Little House on the Prairie.
The only thing I liked about their outfits today was Eugenie's hat. It deserved a prettier dress.
I didn't like Beatrices outfit at all not a summer outfit and not for such a young girl. Some of the pictures are very unflattering of her her face does not photograph well she looks scary in some pictures not a young pretty girl on the balcony and in the carriage. I think the neckline on Beatrices was just awful and made her look dowdy. Same with Eugenie she needs to work out her hair but at least she had a nice hat on. Neither of these girls has a great fashion sense but I look at some of their outfits and think did you look in the mirror?
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