Princess Marie's Fashion and Style Part 9: February 2014 - April 2015

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The colors are lovely on Marie and they look good together. I am not fond of the cardigan, the overall looked so much nicer with the jacket on.
A very nice outfit for a working day. Beautiful colours on her!
I don't care for the blouse with the cardigan. Love the soft pink jacket as it is a a very flattering color on Marie.
the bouse isnt my cup of tea but the overall look is cute,very weel matched and she looks lovely.
Marie's outfit was pretty nice but I would say the hat ruined the overall. A nice headpiece would've worked perfectly.
The white coat is beautiful.


Tonight, Marie wore a blue gown:


I love the color, but not the style.
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I personally like her look here. I think she favours this style of hat and the coat is nice. This is IMO a simple but succesful look.

About the evening gown, I think it's a nice colour on her and the flow of the skirt is beautiful, but I'm not convinced by the peplum top. Plus it makes her look shorter, IMO.
Marie's evening outfit was boring, nothing special going on and wasn't fond of it the first time she wore it. I wish she would invest in a few proper lavish dresses.
I love her evening gown but can she sit ... it is tight but I think she looks lovely
I think Marie looked very nice in her coat and accessories.

Im not a fan at all of her evening gown. I dislike the peplum and the flowey skirt at the bottom. I do however , love the color. She just never seems to get it right... as there is always something off.

Princess Marie yesterday evening, March 18, at the return event of the Dutch state visit in Copenhagen, recycling a black dress with a glittering top.

** Full view ** Upper part **
Oh dear. An unfortunate choice, imho. It does nothing to flatter Marie.
I'd like it I think, if not for the pattern on the top.
No good not bad ... is boring the word !!!! IMO
the outfit isnt bad at all nothing special but also fine.
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A very boring look and too old of a look for her. She is young and has the opportunity to dress her age, pity she doesn't.
Really an awful look.
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I think Marie's latest outfit is fine. Whilst I'm not a fan of the top, I think it works well with the trousers.
Poor Marie. She just doesn't get it right...
Marie and Mary match a little
I really like Marie's outfit! She looks very elegant
A very old look. Reminds me of the 90's. Disappointing as I think she can do better.
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