Princess Madeleine's Fashion & Style, Part 4: December 2011 - May 2013

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The jacket is nice, but these Zara-pants are just horrible.
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Princess Madeleine at a Childhood project seminar welcoming reception (facebook photo from April 24, 2013):
According to Svensk Damtidning both her jacket and her trousers are from Spanish Zara: Madde i än mer Zara… | kungligamodebloggen; Madeleine i Zara | kungligamodebloggen

If that would have been a skirt, it would have been way better. Pants are just awful.
The jacket is nice.
I like the look .. I've thought about it and I think she looks great I 'm not sure what the pants haters hate ???? They look mgreat on her she is looking lovely at the moment [the grey jeans incident not withstanding] and I really love the jacket.

Very nice shoes indeed,I believe this type of shoes is very trendy now.
I like that the current trend is also including shoes that are not so high,because as beautiful as they are-high heels are neither comfortable nor healthy;)

Madeleine´s coat is very nice indeed,she looks great,her beauty is really shining from within & I hope that she will stay this happy and radiant for a long time!
Well I love her hair, jumper, jacket and loafers but, those jeans are what I would expect on a 17 year old desperate to be "on trend" but missing it by a few years!
Walking with a cigarrette makes her a little scruffy. It will be interesting to see if she has this hair colour at the wedding, it is a lot lighter now than some time ago.
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I have never understood wearing torn jeans even when younger I thought they were ugly. In the U.S they have never gone out of style and young to older wear them.
May 8, 2013 - Madeleine today at an official event in NY.

A very nice look. I actually like and think that the cropped pants work very nicely with this look.

Coat off ** Coat on
Well I love her hair, jumper, jacket and loafers but, those jeans are what I would expect on a 17 year old desperate to be "on trend" but missing it by a few years!

I completely agree. I thought torn jeans were "out" years ago.

Re: the photos in dazzling's post...I like her look VERY much with the trench coat on...coat off I don't like it much at all.
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Love that trench coat; she looks absolutely fabulous in it.
Last edited: I really fancy Princess Madeleine's pearl hoop necklace which she wore on April 30, 2013 (King Carl Gustaf's birthday) as well, albeit back then it was more successfully integrated due to the elegant tweed jacket and vibrant coralline dress (or top) beneath plus earrings. If Madeleine recycled her jacket: Does someone have a photo showing the entire garment?
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I hope that Madeleine doesn't have this hair colour at the wedding, the darker or the blond look better.
I like her torn jeans and the loafers are I agree really great on her.
Liked the lastest outfit without the trench and I love the necklace .. not sure I love it with the blouse thought ..but all in all I really like what she has worn.
She looks great. Love the trench, shoes to match and especially the pretty soft bow blouse. Also love the necklace. Looks like Q Silvia also has a bow blouse.
Well,she probably likes to feel comfortable and does not worry about her looks in her free time, maybe she also wants to get away from that saccharine princess-image and be accepted as a mature woman with intellect & a purpose (Childhood foundation etc.).
To me the look was acceptable as a day-look,I prefer seeing ragged jeans than ultra-short mini-skirts or extreme cleavage or strange colours.
I particularly liked the blue coat and the jeans was probably a "punk"-element she added to this outfit to keep it from being boring-because with a large pullover,straight coat and simple colour this might have looked dull...but that´s just my opinion;-)
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I just love the coat and somehow the jeans look good the whole outfit is on trend I think she looks great ... I do know what you mean Dof M but we can just be thankful they are not grey and tight. Any way that's just me .....
Madeleine has a Valentino in same red colour, more beautiful than this dress. This dress is nice, but it and especially the colour was too striking for the event, she wasn't the main guest of honor there.
Her hairdo doesn't look good either in front, or back
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Something is not right at the top part

This dress is from Marchesa
Prinsessan madeleine i Notte by Marchesa | kungligamodebloggen
The Valentino dress
Prinsessan Madeleine i Valentino | kungligamodebloggen
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Gorgeous dress. she has lost some weight, and looks fab but I thought she looked good before too. Hate the earrings but thats just me. I like real jewels with gowns.
A really, really fantastic outfit from Madde (after I did not like so much her last ones)..... Great colour, great style, great hair and smile - and she even has the right wedding waist now :p:whistling:
BYe Bine
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She looks really thin, she is thinking of the wedding now! the dress just look very good on her, now she can wear some strong colours!!!!
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