Princess Madeleine's Fashion & Style, Part 4: December 2011 - May 2013

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Must be very difficult to have the correct wardrobe for a state visit while in mourning.
I know she is very good on skiing but she really should be wearing a helmet...
March 11, 2013 - State visit from Turkey.

Madeleine in a black outfit matched with a small headpiece. Quite a nice look even though its all black. The necklace was a nice touch finishing off the look. Her make up is lovely today.

Full view ** Side view

Adorable!The whole family looks very elegant,stylish and appropriately dressed for the occasion,Madeleine is so happy and radiant lately :)
I also enjoy seeing her with dark hair as it makes her seem more mature&smart and it brings her gorgeous blue eyes to stand out quite nicely.The accessoires save the outfits from being boring and dull,I love both Madeleine and Victoria´s a lot!
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Absolutely lovely with the chic headpiece and chignon. A sedate and elegant look set off by the diamond brooch. I also see Queen Margrethe attended the funeral.
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Terribly elegant. Hat fits and is placed to perfection. Love the bit of lace on the neckline and lovely brooch. Her make up and hair are perfect.
It seems a bit odd to discuss mourning wear as if a funeral was a fashion event.
She looked very elegant and regal in that outfit. The brooch was a very nice finishing touch the look.
It seems a bit odd to discuss mourning wear as if a funeral was a fashion event.
Well we're sharing opinions on the outfit alone, not the funeral. Its just happens to be in the mourning period, but it still belongs here.
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:previous: In that same spirit, have we not seen that hat/fascinator before?
Didn't she wear it earlier in the week for the Turkish state visit? I thought I may have recognized it.
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She looks very elegant. Love that brooch as well.
Well it looks like a pretty casual private outing, so I cant find too much fault with it princess/bride to be or not. I am sure you could find similar outfits on women just walking through your local mall or along the high street.
This has to be one of the most unflattering looks I've seen on these boards in a while, especially on a bride to be.

But why? Does every "bride to be" dresses with style and elegance all the time? Since when being a "bride to be" is a synonym of "you must only wear what flatters"?
What she wears may not be the most classy or stylish, but I don't think she is on any official function here, so she just wears what she feels comfortable in at the moment. Looks pretty fine to me, like lost of young women her age I see every day going about their business.
To be perfectly blunt, she seems to be busting out of her clothes. Most brides to be seem to lose weight.

This thumbnail doesn't look too bad. Check out all the photos on MyRoyals.

IMO most women lookdon't well in the skinny jeans unless they have a "boyish" figure.
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Yes grey skinny jeans are not for everyone in fact IMO they should be banned they are horrible and on Madeleine they are no better. She maybe a bride to be and she looks a lot slimmer than 12 mths ago, but grey jeans are a poor fashion choice IMO
this is a pap shot in her down time -and really it is unfair to critique her in the circs.
Bride to be or not, these pants are terrible. Way too tight! We all know that Madeleine is not "skinny", but these pants make her look way bigger than what she is. Poor choice for any occasion, even if it's just out and about with friends.

Posts discussing Princess Madeleine's weight have been deleted as off-topic, please discuss her fashion choices instead!
I don't even mind the color, but I agree that the fit is just too figure hugging and the shooties are ugly.
The pants are in fashion nowadays everyone wears them, but she really doesn't have a body for that and also her casual look could be mucht more refine...she has acess to brand and expensive clothing, so she just need to have some more taste and dress according to her body... Also the ankle boots are just horrible!!! And there is so pretty ankle boots now...
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