Princess Letizia's Daytime Fashion Part 27: February 2013 - July 2013

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Letizia looks quite lovely in that dress. The belt, however, is a bit much.
Wow, she looks terrific in that fuschia dress. And I like the belt. Very chic!
What an awful mishmash look with that pants outfit though the jacket is nice; even Felipe looks better than Letizia as is typical when she dresses down. But she more than made up for it in that gorgeous fuschia dress, though I'd rather see earrings than bare holes in her ears!
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Princes Letizia today in Navarre,drab looking outfit.

Spanish Royals Visit Navarra - Pictures - Zimbio

The outfit is a shame, not suited to the event at all. Its a major event for F&L and Letizia used to go there properly dressed
SS. AA. RR. Don Felipe de Borbón y Doña Letizia Ortiz entregan mañana en Leyre el Premio Príncipe de Viana de la Cultura 2005 a Javier Manterola
The jacket is ok but those pants ... what is so difficult about calling a tailor and have them custom made, like Felipe & his suits.

June 11, 2013 - Letizia in a lovely fuchsia dress with a black belt and black heels.

Full view ** Close up

The dress is great, not sure about the belt.

Earlier outing with a different belt.
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That belt in the earlier outing is definitely a better look. It has a nicer design without the glaring patent leather look.
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Much better look in the earlier outing. The belt is softer looking, somehow.
Well, it's not black, gray or navy. I love buttercup yellow, but these pants are not good with the top and jacket. They kind of look like the colored skinny capri jeans they sell at the Gap her in the US. Not a fan of this look.
It's a nice combination of colors, and something different from the usual dark tones, which is nice for a change.
The color is nice and summery, but the Capri pants look silly. They are too short to be worn with such high heels. The pants should be full-length.
What event was this?

The outfit just looks ridiculous and "high school."
I like the colour but the rest is just a big miss / mess. I agree, not appropriate for an event.
Jeans looking pant, t-shirt to an official event. Not appropriate IMO.
Not a fan of this banana split outfit,a bit too casual for an official event.
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It was the annual meeting of the board of the student residence at Residencia de Estudiantes.

Today she attended he board meeting of the AECC (Spanish Association Against Cancer) in a casual coral top with grey pants. I like the top. This seems to be a partially off-duty meeting. She looks nice, much better than that lemon yellow pre-pubescent outfit.

Another casual wardrobe day for Letizia,don't like the top half of this look.
This is a nice color combination. It's a casual look. I'm not too fond of the shoes, however.
Privately at Madrid Book fair

I first a small cropped pic of it on the cover of Hola. I don't understand Spanish but I saw the word "Letizia" so I thought "but this woman looks like a supermodel, not the princess!"

After seeing those photos on web, I was like really shocked. Because Letizia here looks really chic! She blew me away.
Letizia looks great! Love the sandals!
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