Princess Claire's Fashion and Style Part 1: July 2007 - April 2012

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Lovely outfit - a bit wintery, but still very nice as always!
Claire needs to give some advice to some other princesses. She does elegant very well and I can even tolerate the boots on her.
Overall the ensemble is well put together. However, I am not keen on the head-piece/hat(?).
Yes I agree most of the time she looks just lovely and seems a really pleasant addition to the RF and I am surprised because I didn't expect her to be so as the husband is a bit of a problem and could not have imagined him choosing such a charmer but there she is doing really well looking lovely that's fantastic.
Princess Claire of Belgium visits a carwash and a second hand shop
during her visit to Atelier Saint Vincent on February 24

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I thinks she looked nice for the occasion!
I loved the above jacket with the belt. The grey trousers are nice as well. I agree, the outfit is appropriate for this occasion - she doesn't need anything more IMO.
Simple outfit. She looks ok.
Princess Claire attended the opening of
the Book Fair "Foire du Livre de Bruxelles" in Brussels, March
3, 2010.

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I thinks she looks sober but nice.
Simplicity works best most times. She looks very elegant - I like the colour and the cut of the jacket.
Princess Claire attended Natan fashion Show,March 9, 2010

I like the red dress on her
Nice dress indeed, but I don't like it together with those boots.
A pretty dress. I like the buttons at the top. I don't like the black boots.
Me too, LQ. I liked both. The dress is elegant and combined with these boots just softens the strict chic look. I found it really smart - Princess Clair does know how to handle her image.
Love the dress, love the color! Her hair and makeup look great too.
Princess Claire attended the theatre piece "the 3 Msuketiers" in Brussels
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Princess Claire attended the theatre piece "the 3 Msuketiers" in Brussels
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Quite a pretty skirt, I like the cloudy print & the colors, the top color matches the skirt but it is quite unflattering IMO.
The necklace is nice & chunky which adds a lot.
Again the high boots, I really don't like them. Good the top, too flashy the skirt. Horrible the necklace!
I like the overall look, but I'm not too keen on these plastic necklaces. It doesn't add anything IMO.
I always like what she wears and though am not sure about the last outfit he rlook is always smart snappy yet discreet the carwash grey pants gorgeous cut thanks for all the updates
Our Princesses and sometimes the Queen wear fake jewelry , sad because they have no real diamants . Very often at Court receptions , the guests are wearing more important jewelry than the royals !
Although the ensemble fitted Princess Claire well, the chunky necklace looked cheap and off-shoulder top was awkward. The rich winter colours were all right.
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