Princess Claire's Fashion and Style Part 1: July 2007 - April 2012

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The red-pink combo - an eyesore color combination seen on Maxima as well as Maria-Theresa - is certainly by the rather color blind Edouard Vermeulen / Natan.
Claire's blue & white dress at the Parade actually has an interesting, unusual cut and would have been nice in a solid color, but IMO the pattern (a print, or dyed?) perfectly ruins it.
It's nice combination.
Not the best choice of trausers for Claire.
Isn't it little bit casual as for this event?
I like the white shirt with the tie detail in the center. It gives the shirt a fun look. The color of the trousers is very lovely, but there is something about the cut of the trousers that I don't care for. They aren't very flattering, IMO.
Princess Claire at the circus last week
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And In jeans with one of her twin boys
Princess Claire looks great in jeans. The beige coat is so beautiful.
From the previous appearance, at the circus, I liked the jacket and the Hermes bag. I'm not too fond of these long floral skirts.
Yes, tartan jackets have this something...

Claire look very good today.
Love the jacket. I can't say much for her hair though. She has never had great hair.
The "Ruffling" trim on the tartan Red & Black jacket is an interesting detail, I think it looks nive on Princess Claire, and fits her very well. Hair could have been better, but hey, it's hard to compete w CP Mathilde, who never seems to have a bad hair day!
Claire looks really nice in these photos. I love the coat and pearls.
She was really nice, a great choice indeed!
The black coat is pretty. I like the lines in front, gives it some flair.
Another good choice for Princess Claire, in this last period I really like her fashion choices; she should influence her husband in his fashion choices, imo...
I adore this outfit, the detail on the cardigan is wonderful. :)
I like today's outfit a lot! Beautiful colours, well-tailored and it also fits Claire so well! The bag is very elegant too.
My only objection would be that the hem of the skirt is white not beige like her skirt, but in general terms is a lovely, lovely outfit
I find the above outfit quite lovely. I only disliked the jacket, because of the obvious signs of wear. Apart from that, Princess Claire looked great as always!
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