Pierre Casiraghi & Beatrice Current Events Part 16: January 2014 - December 2015

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Here are some pics of Pierre at an event in connection with the WRC Rally Monte Carlo on January 22 (he also attended the winner's ceremony a few days later, see the family's current events thread).

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 ** Pic 4 **
Beatrice's or her Family thought one day Pierre C. should be the Heir of Monaco.
Since the annoucement of Princess Charlene's pregnancy no show up of Pierre and Beatrice to-gether.
Why would they think that? Andrea would have been the heir.
Pierre Casiraghi Current Events Part 16: January 2014 -

Beatrice's or her Family thought one day Pierre C. should be the Heir of Monaco.
Since the annoucement of Princess Charlene's pregnancy no show up of Pierre and Beatrice to-gether.

Pierre and Beatrice have been shown together dozen of times for the last 12 months. The last was one week ago in Monte Carlo circus festival.
And what the relation to the pregnancy announcement 12 months ago? Do you mean that Beatrice splitted because Pierre is not anymore the heir to the heir ?
It was my idea because I don't undertand why we have to wait since a long time for an annoucement of engagement and wedding.
Happy to know they have been shown together .
Apparently the wedding has been postponed to the next month of July, and will take place on the Isolino San Giovanni, owned by Beatrice's father. We'll see.;)
She is such a lovely girl I do love her scarf, I wonder ehre she bought it...

The pics were taken in St. Moritz which reminded me that we haven't seen any pics of the annual family winter holidays yet. Here are some more scans I've made :flowers:

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 ** Pic 4 **
I see nothing haughty either. She's a beautiful girl. On the outside at least.:cool:
I think my perspective is different since I am italian and most of the italians don't see her in a very pleasant light. But that's another matter. We'll have to agree to disagree :)
It is so nice to see a young couple so in love still after six years of relationship. Some how they remind me Stefano and Caroline.
Marty, they' re foreigners; they do not understand a word when she talks.
They perceive us as always being pissed off when talking, so she seems perfectly normal to them, instead she's really an unpleasant person, who takes everything for granted, just because she' s rich an well connected.Don' t forget that hating Italians is cool abroad, so they love her for this reason, as she's always trashing her native country to look smart and cool in the foreigners' eyes. Hers is not journalism, just folklore. I have the feeling Caroline's favourite is Tatiana. Anyway I wish Pierre al the best. He needs luck. ;)
Oh for heaven's sake...are you quite serious??! So we "foreigners" express a positive opinion of Beatrice because we hate Italy??

I've read some ignorant and irrational things online but that one just might take the booby prize! I don't know anyone in my life who hates Italy or Italians, least of all myself. All I ever hear about is the beauty of the country and it's people. I am an enthusiastic student of Italian history and culture. I have studied the language.

Okay folks? So let's try this again. I don't care for her as a person, but I think BB is beautiful to look at, and extremely stylish. I don't think she looked "haughty" in the photo, and I liked her hat. ..PERIOD.:bang:

Are we square?
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What an illogic and fanatic perception.
Many people like Beatrice because she is classy and beautiful and her story with Pierre is romantic (it is our free right to like her).
She might have an unpleasant side understandable only by those who live in Italy and know the language. I repeat it might be true or not.
Nevertheless no one person in this life has the 100%approval.
Out of this, saying that it is an international wave against Italy finding its expression in the against Beatrice movement....
Out of the royal and tabloids readers Beatrice is worldwide unknown.
So if someone belongs to the Italy haters clan (if this clan exists) they are thousand of Italian important people to hate than a young beautiful girl well born.
I don't like the hat, but have always liked Beatrice. I think she's perfect for Pierre. :)

As for the other nonsense, I've been reading this board for over a decade and know which posters are troublemakers and have a *bad* attitude. "nuff said.
Tosca: Thanks for the support but i disagree with you on the fact we italians are "hated"...

This said, mine was merely a view since in my book Beatrice is a bit overrated.
Marty91charmed, I don't know Beatrice but I prefer Tatiana, she seems more natural than Beatrice and I think that Caroline prefers Tatiana. it is my opinion.
:nonono: What was she thinking with that hat! Terrible :glare:
Pierre's sailboat race started today in the Carribean. It's supposed to last about 40 hours. Sixty-six boats are involved.

Tuesday, 2/24, Pierre's boat is in 4th place at about 24 hours. His boat had a problem with one of the sails and someone had to climb to the top of the mast to fix it.
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Here's a pic of Pierre and his team prior to the start of the race this week:

** Pic **
'Has anyone heard the news? According to the Dagospia website, the Grimaldis want Beatrice to quit her 'job' at 'Il fatto', because in their views it's a 'communist sheet', but apparently it's editor Marco Travaglio has been invited to the wedding. BTW, Travaglio is a liberal (conservative in Europe), and a former author for 'La Padania' newspaper, the Northern League's housorgan. ;)
Perhaps her folkloristic writings are a bit too much for the princely family too.

Yes, fandy, I can't wait for her to marry Pierre and that their marriage will last forever so that she can quit Italy for good.
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Pierre Casiraghi Current Events Part 16: January 2014 -

Dear @Tosca. According to you she must be the most annoying person in the whole country.
Italy is a lucky country if the worst person in the whole country is someone like Beatrice Borromeo.

As per the wedding I do not believe it is true for April. It is in one month. No time for the two prestigious families to prepare it. If they wed soon I see it rather September or October.
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I think government interference is the reason Gad and Charlotte aren't married. Supposedly the reason Caroline and Vincent Lyndon broke up is because Rainier wanted to control what films Vincent could be in. It will be interresting to see if Beatrice just gets pregnant like the others or quits her job.
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