Mary Donaldson, Current Events 1: September 2002 - May 2004

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does anyone know if mary will be joining fred to london on 15th Oct ?
so, apparently, future cp mary d. undertook rather a lot of abrupt changes as soon as she got involved with cp frederik. i read something about weightloss, deportment courses etc.
does anyone know more about these rumours? are there any pictures of mary pre-frederik-period?
There is quite a difference between the oridinary citizen Mary and the official engagement Mary. I want a makeover like that.
Mary's royal tuition begins as wedding date is set
By Holly Byrnes in Copenhagen
October 12, 2003
The Sun-Herald

With her button nose nobly tilted skyward and a very royal wave, Tasmanian girl-made-good Mary Donaldson may have appeared the model of a princess bride.

But the making of the future Queen Mary remains a renovation work in progress for this former Sydney real estate agent, who, with the help of a team of experts, has already been crowned hof (royal) property.

Since meeting her royal match in Sydney during the Olympics three years ago, Miss Donaldson has been making her life fit for a king a full-time job.

An amateur deportment course costing $1200 kicked off the makeover in Sydney, but it wasn't until Miss Donaldson made the move to her Crown Prince Frederik's home of Denmark two years ago that her right royal plans took shape.

Her appearances at a series of weddings, most notably in a belly-button-revealing cropped top, drew the attention of etiquette experts who spent days and column inches debating Miss Donaldson 's fresh fashion sense and royal cred.

Cue the royal style police.

While blessed with a naturally slim and sporty physique, Miss Donaldson sought the advice of hair and make-up artist Soren Hedegaard to help polish her increasingly public appearances.

The two met through Hedegaard's gay partner, Preben Kristensen, a long-time friend of Frederik's and a leading Danish comedian (famous for his drag impersonations of Queen Margrethe).

Keeping her makeover under wraps, Hedegaard and Miss Donaldson made regular trips to a suburban department store, where Estee Lauder beauty therapists offered cosmetic tips and treatments.

With high cheekbones, deep brown eyes and a toothpaste grin, Miss Donaldson has proved an easy canvas to work on - emerging on the balcony last week perfectly groomed from her French manicure to her regal coiffured hairstyle.

While some Danish traditionalists have tut-tutted over Miss Donaldson 's heavy use of cheek gloss and lipstick, the style set have rejoiced at their princess pin-up.

Regularly spotted shopping at Copenhagen's leading luxury boutique, Birger Christensen, the 31-year-old has developed a fresh style for herself, marked by a love of delicate beaded detailing and a soft, muted colour palette of pinks, mushroom and creams.

Fashion editor Karen Margrethe Schelin of Denmark's Berlingske Tidende newspaper said Miss Donaldson has triumphed in her wardrobe choices so far. "She has been wise not to start off wearing very avant garde designs," Ms Schelin said, applauding the Jackie O-style coat dress and classic accessories Miss Donaldson wore during last week's official engagement duties.

"There will be many other opportunities to test the boundaries, which at times will feel like a straightjacket to this young royal. She can experiment more when the years go by."

Danish designer Julie Fagerholt was charged with creating Miss Donaldson 's first evening gown for the gala engagement dinner at Fredensborg Castle - a stunning silk satin, asymmetrical-cut creation in emerald green.

Fagerholt, whose label Heart Made is Denmark's answer to Collette Dinnigan, is widely tipped to dress Miss Donaldson on her wedding day.

And when your husband-to-be's annual salary is about 3.7 million kroner ($850 000), clearly money will be no object for this blushing bride.

What will prove of greatest value, however, will be her success at mastering Danish.

Her attempts to address the international press conference in Danske last week drew the most scrutiny from the media since she stepped into the spotlight.

Miss Donaldson now has to focus on her royal studies, which will include lessons in protocol by Per Thornit, the chief of court.

"The process for Miss Donaldson is only just beginning, in official terms, just a few days ago," Mr Thornit told The Sun-Herald. "Once she's overcome the language then we will move on to understanding the other aspects of Danish and royal life she will need to know."

This will range from meetings with the Prime Minister, key public servants and industry leaders to etiquette lessons, such as how to accept a bouquet in public and then discreetly pass it on.

Some of the changes are already obvious, with a security detail in place to protect her around the clock.

But perhaps the most important job our Mary is yet to do is breed.

It must have pained the secretive Australian to see details of her alleged pre-proposal fertility tests discussed in the national media.

But it is in producing an heir that Miss Donaldson's place as Denmark's beautiful future queen will be complete.
How I set my friend up with a prince

A BRISBANE woman has revealed how she set a royal romance in motion – but she is still awaiting an invitation to the wedding.

Beatrice Tarnawski, from Teneriffe, introduced Tasmanian beauty Mary Donaldson to the future Danish king, Crown Prince Frederik, in a Sydney pub in October 2000.

Ms Donaldson, 31, and her prince, 35, announced their engagement this month and are expected to wed early next year.

Advertising copywriter Ms Tarnawski, 31, this week spoke about the introduction – for which Prince Frederik thanked her.

"Frederik was so in love when he thanked me and I just see myself as a link in this whole fairytale story," she said.

"I'd love to receive a wedding invitation but I never bet on anything."

But Ms Tarnawski also defended herself from claims she later betrayed Ms Donaldson by selling her story to the media, and was "dumped" by her friend because of it.

She told The Sunday Mail the story was "already in the public domain".

"You have to be very good friends with someone to be able to be dumped. I know the general feeling I got from them was that it wasn't ideal for me to give my story to the media – but it's normal for you to lose contact with someone if they move overseas."

Ms Tarnawski met Ms Donaldson through her friend Andrew Miles who shared a flat with the princess-to-be.

She said that on the night she played matchmaker, she had arranged to meet Bruno Gomez-Acebo, the nephew of the King of Spain. "Bruno wanted to go out and asked me to assemble a group of my friends, one of whom was Mary," she said. "I met Bruno at the Regent Hotel in Sydney and he introduced me to his cousins. One of the first people he introduced me to was Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark.

"We went to the Slip Inn in The Rocks where Mary and the other girls were waiting. "When we walked in, Mary was one of the first girls near the door and Frederik introduced himself and said, 'Hi, I'm Fred'."

A night of pizza, beer and margaritas followed and, by the end of the night, Ms Donaldson and Prince Frederik where cosying in a corner of the pub.

It is understood she met him again the following night before launching into a relationship kept a closely-guarded secret by family and friends for almost a year.

"I know Frederik frequented Mary's flat a lot at Bondi," Ms Tarnawski said.

"He was travelling a lot around Australia with his brother in a 4WD but I know he came back and visited her a lot. They also enjoyed frequent phone conversations when he was back in Denmark.

"I do hope it works out.

"She is a very private person, and she has taken up quite a challenge. She has had to give up her Australian home, change religion, move to another country where the average temperature in winter is zero degrees, learn a new language and give up her children if they divorce.

"That's a lot for one person, so she must love him."
wonder when we will see Marys first Curtsy, at her wedding day to the Queen, as Alexandra did?
When Mary was presented to the Queen by her future husband, you mean to say she didn't curtsey then ?

Or, upon thanking the Queen on being invited to attend the Royal Visit from Luxembourg ?
Originally posted by King Christian@Oct 21st, 2003 - 9:14 pm
When Mary was presented to the Queen by her future husband, you mean to say she didn't curtsey then ?

Or, upon thanking the Queen on being invited to attend the Royal Visit from Luxembourg ?
there is no pictures, she may have Curtsy, but we have not seen it yet
do you think she is training infront of the mirror at home
Josefine  Posted: Oct 21st, 2003 - 5:26 pm

... do you think she is training (to curtsy) in front of the mirror at home

You are talking minutes or ..... :) How hard was it for you ? ;)
This is very much a case of apples and oranges. For me, there is no comparing Camilla Parker-Bowles and Mary Donaldson.

Mary is marrying the Crown Prince of Denmark, she will be his first wife. She was not previously married nor does she have kids.

Camilla Parker-Bowles, as much as I think she is wonderful match for Prince Charles, was previously married and has grown kids. She was the mistress of the Prince of Wales for many years and the couple now share living space.

What is it that you think there is to compare between Camilla and Mary? Style is a minute point, too, as they are of very different generations, with Camilla probably being closer in age to Mary's step-mother. I could hardly see Camilla attending Trooping the Colour in a semi-belly baring dress as Mary once wore, or vice versa, Mary wearing some of the outfits Camilla wears. (Although I do think Camilla has pretty good style and dresses quite nicely and appropriately.)

Comparing Mary with her future sister-in-law Alexandra is one thing, or even comparing Mary to the other crown princesses, like Mette-Marit, Maxima or Mathilde. But to Camilla seems far out of left field for me.
Mary a few years ago

Sarah FERGUSON was on Larry King this week
and this she said about Mary

CALLER: Real quick question. I was wondering if you had any words of advice for Mary Donaldson, who is recently engaged to the crown prince of Denmark? Like you, she's lived on her own and had a career and sort of an independent woman.

Do you have any advice when she assumes her royal role?

FERGUSON: The important advice I would ever give anyone is to say remain yourself. You have to be true to what you believe. Because then when the problems come or the obstacles come, you've got a very strong foundation. Like any good house, if you can keep a strong foundation, then the winds won't blow it down.

KING: What will be the roughest thing she'll face?

FERGUSON: I don't know the kind of person she is, but I hope when the people might say some jibes or the press might turn or always when you're leading up to a wedding, it's the honeymoon period, you believe everybody loves you. Suddenly you believe everybody loves you, then it turns after a couple of months. That's when it's difficult.


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I think it would be difficult for Mary to be true to herself as long as she's in Denmark. She's going through a lot changes already, for example in terms of how she should behave. When she marries Frederik, she's giving her life to the roayl institution which governs part of her life. She won't be able voice her opinion freely, but will have to be diplomatic.

However, the only time Mary can only be true to herself is when she's back in Tasmania to be with her family. I"m sure she will be back in Tasmania for a visit once in awhile to "refresh" herself from the stress level she will encounter as a CP
Originally posted by Josefine@Oct 22nd, 2003 - 3:31 pm
Mary a few years ago
According to the paper version of the danish weekly Se og Hør #43 :

The birthdaygirl Johdi Knight and her friend Mary was photographed september 2000.

The photo was made only a few days before Crown Prince Frederik met Mary on saturday 16.september 2000.

MARY: PARTY-PRINSESSE - 22. oktober 2003

{I don't quite understand why several of LTR's major posters won't edit in more info in their own posts}

Over at Royal News and Views Marianne posted that Mary makes her think of Mrs. Emma Beel in the tv-series The Avengers.

I found this about Dame Diana Rigg - many links there to photos of the lady - do chech out the resemblance ;)
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That's because Camilla and Mary are both not very much liked.
But after I've seen Mary, I don't deteste Camilla anymore.
Originally posted by Poppy@Oct 25th, 2003 - 9:55 am
That's because Camilla and Mary are both not very much liked.
:eek: Really ?

:wacko: On the all important royal message boards ?

:heart: By the danes in Denmark ?

Poppy - a nice new nick :lol: :lol: :lol:
I don't get the comparison with Camilla either.

I believe Mary is very very much liked in Denmark, only not by everybody on these boards (which is normal, you can never please everyone). But I still have to hear about the first Dane who really dislikes Mary...
I'm not a Mary fan but to answer this question, Mary is a THOUSAND times better than Camilla. There really is no comparison. Mary did not break any ones marriage & she did not chase another womans man(I blame Charles too for that matter). All she did was go after a single Prince.(Her methods are questionable but that's another topic!)
Not sure why Mary is being compared to Camilla. I don't care for Camilla and the jury is still out on Mary, though I hope for all concerned she'll be a wonderful wife, then mother and final a proper consort for Fred.
I have to go with Mary, I don't like her but she is far a
better choice than Camilla. At least she didnt wreck
someone elses marriage.

May God Bless Diana's Soul
I am one of the last people that supports Mary, but on this one, I have to agree with the majority. Where in the hell did you pull this idea out of, Poppy? It needs to be put in the dust-bin.
Argh :angry: ...can´t you stop your attacks on don´t know her...yes, now you could argue, that we don´t know people like Camilla, prince Ernst August or Marie-Chantal of Greece too...but we have at least watched their lifes in public in the last...let´s say 10 years. But we don´t know more about Mary, than some facts (like her career), some interview-stuff, rumours...and that she visited once a model-course (which is really a basis to hate her, or what?!). Come on guys, give this girl a (at least a little) chance!
I should gamble with you for high stakes that you will cheer for her on the wedding day...but probably you would DENY it ;)
People do not care for MD as she is seen by some in court circles in hushed
tones as "the Sarah Furgeson" of Denmark, she doesn't "fit in" and she makes
waves, and she does not try to blend in, she tries to be MORE regal bearing than
HM Q M , and when the Queen smiles, it is alright to smile, why HER SERIOUS
FACE? that is actually going against the royal protocal, there is someting not
right there with this girl.

Whereas Alexandra, they had to admit, this girl dresses right, hmmm good common sense, no one has to "train or teach her," you DO NOT wear a top
showing the belly button, you dress in certain colors, black is for funerals,
come on dearie Marie, and Alex girl got with the program fast.

So of course she blended in, observed and did what was expected without
any reason to give critics any ammunition!

hence she is well received and liked.

MD doesn't get it. Period.
Originally posted by George@Nov 1st, 2003 - 8:04 am
1- People do not care for MD

2- as she is seen by some in court circles in hushed tones as "the Sarah Furgeson" of Denmark,

3- she doesn't "fit in" and she makes waves, and she does not try to blend in,

4- she tries to be MORE regal bearing than HM Q M ,

5- Whereas Alexandra - no one has to "train or teach her,"

6- MD doesn't get it. Period.
:eek: Your sources ?????

Must be your own mind !

As there are no sources for your statements !

In addition to the performances on her engagement day

Mary has had 2 royal performances - the state banquet and the concert.

8 years ago and in the years which followed

Alexandra Manley was tutored into royal life

on how to behave as a danish Princess

by the same man

Lord Chamberlain Per Thornit

who now is tutoring the future Crown Princess Mary.
:flower: Indeed no news is very good news to the danes !

In several polls and surveys the danes have given strong messages back to the media :

1- We are positive about Mary becoming our Crown Princess !

2- Now it is time to leave the couple alone in their private lives !

Actually 92% of the danes asked have these opinions :lol:
In many articules that i read there seems to be a big deal that mary is from Australia. Some of the stories were like it's mary's job to have an half austrailan heir and etc. But was it a big deal when Alex married Johem(sp) .
Originally posted by George@Nov 1st, 2003 - 2:04 am
Whereas Alexandra, they had to admit, this girl dresses right, hmmm good common sense, no one has to "train or teach her," you DO NOT wear a top showing the belly button, you dress in certain colors, black is for funerals, come on dearie Marie, and Alex girl got with the program fast.
I am not one known on this board to defend Mary, but I have to in this case.

She wore a dress that at times showed her belly button before she was the Crown Princess-to-be. When she wore that dress at a friend's wedding attended with Frederik, she was "merely" the Crown Prince's girlfriend, not his fiancee. Although there were rumours of an egagement, there had been those same rumours with every girl Frederik had been pictured with before Mary. As she was allegedly gunning to be a princess when she first met Frederik, she could've picked a better dress on this occasion, but really no harm or foul since she wasn't linked to the royal house in a more official role, i.e. no royal duties.

And black is not merely for funerals in royal circles. Though it is more traditional for funerals only, many of the royal ladies whom we do seem to favour do wear black at other occassions and events. And I can't even think of a time when Mary, as the Crown Prince's girlfriend, wore all black anyway. I remember occasions when she has worn a black top or jacket or black pants, but not ever head-to-toe black as you might for a funeral. And if that is the "crime" Mary has committed, so have many other royal ladies, queens and princesses alike.
Hi everyone!

I do not normally defend Mary either. I don't quite dislike her, but it is simply that there are things about her that strike me as odd and strange at times. She simply has a way about her that I do not particularly understand. However, in this case I do have to jump on the pro-Mary bandwagon, if only for a bit.

There was a photo of Mary in which she and Fred were at a wedding and you could see her bellybutton. However, she was not wearing a dress or ensemble in which she was purposefully trying to do this. It seemed that she was wearing an ensemble that was composed of two pieces-skirt and top and the wind simply lifted her blouse a bit, so we were able to see her stomach. I do not believe that she did this knowingly. Yes, she should be more careful in choosing what she wears, but it was hardly a major faux-pas.

I don't see anything wrong with her wearing black if she likes the color. But, I can't recall her ever wearing anything that was predominantly black?

I also think that her sense of style and clothing is the least of her concerns at this point. She has much more things to concern herself with in adjusting to royal life.

As far Mary being like Camilla, no way! I definitely do not see any resemblance between the two. Camilla and how she came to be in the life of Prince Charles is far worse in my opinion. Mary has her issues, but her being anything like Camilla? I definitely do not see it.
I'm sure all of these things have been answered but why was Mary at the Olympics? I'm sure she deserved it but it was conveniant. according to the bio up there. I'm sure he was there to cheer on the Danish contigent. Also why are people complaining? Is it like Fergie too? I mean Fergie was completely unprepared and she had some gaffes and was a little too outgoing in public for the Windsors. But what hath Mary wrought? I would love to see her in some of Emma Peel's outfits. Not the ones you would expect. I like the cardigan jacket with match skirt and the adorable hats with a circle on them or some other design. Love that stuff.

"Strategy, Public Relations, Online, and Advertising. "

PR. That's right. I had heard about that. But those companies were involved with the Olympics? I would think the Prince would have some type of security to protect him from just any people from the sponsors who wanted to meet him. After all, there are tons of sponsors and he could not have met them all.

O. Nasa. Generally, there are only two reasons for international people to be in Houston. One is oil and the other is Nasa. That explains the schooling in Houston. But this "Love Branding" sounds a little phony to be a big company.

"They met at the Slip Inn Bar in Sydney following the Olympic opening ceremony on September 15, 2000"

Good grief. He's a wild one then. Well, I've seen a few photos. As usual, the woman is more attractive than the man. And she appears to be a cross between Kate Jackson and Jennifer Tilly.
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on the above photo together with her friend at her birthday, mary was slightly bigger than she is now, one clearly sees that she has lost quite a bit of weight after she met frederik.
does anyone have other pictures that show mary's weightloss?

Maria Karolina
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