Late Princess Diana's Eveningwear

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dear gfg02
great pics.but don't you think they are of two different events. one in the lover knot tiara and the other in Spencer tiara. do you have more pics in the Spencer tiara event.
fabulous Catherine Walker, may this great designer rest in peace.
I wouldn't marry Catherine, but dressed Diana fab, you deserve our respect, my darling.
Thanks for posting, love the aquamarines!
Ugh....Dodi's father.
I'm drawing a complete blank on this dress. Has it been really seen?
This dress looks like it was worn in the Eighties as per Diana's hairstyle. It may have only been worn once.
It is the same dress dear Monic!:flowers: Diana wore this gown to her first visit to Wales after her marriage. She wore it before her marriage in a formal portrait and during her Wales visit she showed that she had lost a great deal of weight since the first wearing of the gown! Of course, we know she was pregnant!
yeah the same dress pictures. does any one has more of these.
i want them badly.
hello gfg02
thank you so much for the photos. they are in the same dress. so sorry i don't want to tease you again. yar i am working on princess Diana early years fashion whether in hats, casual dresses, gowns, polo dresses, state visits etc.
please if you have her early pictures can you help me?
Aww dear Gawwd, the Icon n' this awesome dress!..She looks dazzling,just glorious with the glitter, the stars on the dress n' these fab gloves..Call my cardiologist,i'm dying of heart attack..:D :winkiss:
I've never seen Di in such long earrings. The whole jewellery is magnificent, without doubt! ;)

Thank you gfg02~! :flowers:
Those are her famous aquamarines and she has a bit taken off both sides of her nose here..Long earrings tend to divert one's attention from a distinctive nose.I liked Diana in Belleville Sassoon and the Winterhalter styles rather than later-when she went to Vesace.
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