The Princess of Wales's Eveningwear Part 1: September 2022 -

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That's a beautiful outfit, and I commend her bravery in wearing it. If I tried an all white combo, it would be dirty before I'd even finished putting the coat on :)
An interesting look, very different from her previous appearances at this event.
I think she looks incredible! Strong, confident and elegant all in one! Bravo!
This is a lovely winter white outfit for this evening's concert.
The Princess of Wales at the Royal Variety Performance 2023 this evening:

** Full view ** Full view ** Upper part ** Upper part **

A beautiful dress. I love the color.

For the Diplomatic Reception, the Princess of Wales appears to be wearing the pink Jenny Packham gown worn in Jordan.

A stunning and elegant dress. Glad she wore it again.

A beautiful and elegant outfit.
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